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Establishing a good classroom management is essential and important, so therefore, the following points must be considered in mind.



  • Handling Instructional materials: The teacher must evolve an effective system of distributing and collecting exercise books, test papers and other Instructional materials like charts, diagrams and apparatus. He must be quick in identifying those pupils that fail to submit their assignment and their reason for such failure.

The teacher must equally ensure that the pupils have adequate supply of all relevant materials like textbooks, exercise books, pencil, eraser(cleaner) etc. And whenever there is need for new ones or replacement, he should make appropriate contact.

In most classroom there are bulletin boards and a lot of empty wall space for pictures, charts, diagrams and other forms of visual aids. The teachers must not only try to make frequent use of such facilities, they must also ensure that they are fixed at children's eye level. They are replaced as deemed fit and appropriate.

  • Handling classroom activities: In a system where different than move from one class to another, the teacher should ensure that lesson starts on time and in orderly manner. This can be done by the teacher's punctuality which will enable pupils to pack away books and other materials used for the previous lesson and clearing the chalkboard.

In the course of the lesson, the teacher should encourage pupils to ask and answer questions in an orderly manner. This could be done by raising up their hands. The same thing should be applicable to those who may need teacher's assistance.

  • Care of routine: Since it is difficult if not impossible for the teacher to perform all the necessary tasks alone he has to involve his pupils as much as possible. This is to sustain the cordial relationship that should exist between him and the learners.

Different routines like distribution and collection of materials cleaning of the chalkboard, taking care of the classroom notice/bulletin board, reading corner, flower vases etc. Should be properly organised. Generally, pupils should be assigned to each of these routines at specific time through duty roster.

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