The importance of a class library

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A school library is a room or a building within the school premises where a collection of books and non-book materials in various subject fields is kept for reading.

Apart form the school library, some teachers also find it necessary to build a small collection of books in a corner of their classrooms. This is referred to as class library.

In schools where there are no class nor school libraries pupils hardly read anything outside their English textbooks.

In some cases where the reading corners are available they consist of very few books which in most cases no child hardly touches.

If the aims and objectives of the educational programme are to be achieved at the primary school level, the establishment of a class library is important.

However, the few specific importance of a class library include:



  • It introduces the pupils to the use of libraries. The pupils are more conversant with the class libraries because the class libraries are always accessible to them at their needs unlike the school libraries which the pupils use according to the schedule of the time - table.

By this I mean that the children are permitted free and unrestricted access to the class library facilities at all times. Thus, they become familiar with the library and are encouraged to use it.

  • A class library enables the child to discover his special interest. A child who is allowed to choose from a variety of books soon discovers for himself his area of interest.

  • The class library helps to foster independent study. The teacher gives the pupils some projects like asking them to find out some information, children learn to study independently.

  • The class library will help the pupils to develop rapid reading skills. Through constant and consistent use of the class library, collection are able to practice reading.

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