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When Mrs Okocha gave birth to Bayo, the whole village came to see her new baby ‘congratulations,’ said her neighbour. ‘Well done! We wish him all the luck in the world,’ said her sister.
Mrs Okocha did not have any more children and so there was money for Bayo to have everything he wanted. The whole family moved to a big house in the town so that Bayo could go to a good school. Every time Bayo wanted something, he told his parents and they bought it for him. He had the best toys and the latest clothes. In fact, he had so many things to play with that he had no time for friends. No one saw Bayo on the football field or playing in the street. No one came t visit him and he never received an invitation to a birthday party. However, Bayo didn’t care, because he was so busy playing by himself.

Mr Okocha was a trader. He worked hard and made lots of money. He never sold bad goods and he charged fair prices. Everyone liked him and bought things from him. But many people wondered and said, ‘Mr Okocha is so pleasant. It’s strange. Why does he have such an unfriendly son?’

Bayo had all the books he needed. His parents could pay for extra classes, so he won a place at the best secondary school. No one came to his house to congratulate him and no one phoned. Bayo was very surprised when he received a letter from a pretty girl in his class called Nkechi. She wrote, ‘Congratulations, Bayo. It is wonderful that you have a place at the school. I hope you have great success. Your friend, Nkechi’. Instead of smiling and feeling warm inside, Bayo did a dreadful thing. He crushed the paper into a ball and threw it away!

A year passed and Bayo had a lot of work to do at school in order to pass his exams. But he had not changed. He had no time for his school work because his parents had given him a computer and he had so many games to play.
The time came for the exams. Bayo went into the classroom with a new bag filled with new pens and pencils. He grinned because he was pleased to have the best school equipment in the class. But when he read the examination paper, he didn’t know the answers. His lips began to shake and then his face felt hot. Before long, he had tears in his eyes and then he began to cry. When he looked up, to his surprise, he saw Nkechi sitting in the row beside him. She was busily writing and smiling.

Bayo failed his exams and his teacher asked to see his parents. He advised them to take Bayo’s toys and games away. The teacher said that Bayo could stay for one more year, but if he failed his exams again, he must leave the school. Bayo was very ashamed.
Outside the school, Bayo saw Nkechi. He said to her, ‘I heard that you came top in the exams, Nkechi. Well done. You deserve it.’ Nkechi smiled and said, ‘Bayo, I can help you with your school work if you like. I know you will pass the exams if you work.’ Thanks, Nkechi. I have learned my lesson!’

How many children did Mrs Okocha have?
Why did they move to the town?
Why did Bayo have no friends?
Who was nicer, Nkechi or Bayo? Explain why?
Why did Bayo fail his exams?
What lesson did Bayo learn?

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