Help your Kids and Pupils understand Sciences with simple Multi-choice Questions

Hello teachers, students, and researchers, I am here again today, Thursday, 9th April, 2020, to help you make your kids and pupils understand sciences.

I put up some simple science-based questions for your kids which could boost their understanding of the subjects.

Age: 5 - 6 years
Time Allowed for Test: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Instructions: This is a multi-choice question, choose from the options the correct answer to each question.

PART A: Basic Science

  1. All living things need ____________ for a living. (a) Land (B) air
  2. A moving air is called ____________. (a) sun (B) wind
  3. ___________ is the clear liquid substance that has no smell or taste. (a) Soil (B) Water
  4. The primary sources of water is __________. (a) pond (B) rain
  5. One of these plant live in water __________. (a) water lily (B) plantain
  6. One of these animal lives in water. (a) cat (b) fish
  7. __________ is the human activity used in making simple tools and materials. (a) Technology (b) Sociology
  8. One of these is not the product of technology. (a) Food (b) Television
  9. We recognize many objects by their ______ (a) colors (b) religions
  10. A ripe tomato has ________ color. (A) red (B) white

PART B: Agricultural Science

  1. ________ and ___________ animals are used for transportation. (a)Carmel and donkey (B) cat and goat
  2. People mostly keep __________ as guards for security purposes. (a) sheep (b) dog
  3. The solid dry part of the earth surface is ___________. (a) plant (b) land
  4. _______ is a type of soil. (a) loamy land (b) dry land
  5. Rocks/ stones is used for __________. (a) cooking (b) grinding/sharpening
  6. ___________ is the large, bright object in the sky that gives us light. (a) Star (b) Sun
  7. The sun rises in the East and sets in the __________. (a) West (b) North
  8. __________ moves around the sun. (a) The sky (B) The earth
  9. Construction of roads means to make the roads to be walkable and ______ (a) moveable (B) walkable
  10. _________ is the process by which a man cultivate land through planting of crops and rearing of animals. (a) Washing (B) Farming

I am your Research Assistant @Uyobong. We hope to meet again tomorrow for some helpful educational research tips. Feel free to use the comment section of this post to ask questions so we can interact the more.

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Great technique in test analysis! Thanks for sharing.