Mrs Nkieru the kind Class Teacher: Reading Comprehension for kids

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Good afternoon Teachers and educators around the globe. It's a great previledge to be here again to share a story in reading comprehension. I hope that st the end of the lesson, they'll be something new to learn.



Mrs Nkieru a Teacher in St. Anthanisus Primary School, Ukana West. She leaves with her family at Uwah which is a village that bothersUkana West village which is just shot two stone throw from where Mrs Nkieru lived with her family.

She is Married to Mr Ibrahim who hails from Oyo state Ibadan Nigeria, he is a business man, his business is one f the reasons he relocated from his state to Akwa Ibom, he has two children, one boy and a girl.

Mrs Nkieru is a Class Teacher in Primary Two. She loves all the pupils in her class and cares for them as she would care for her children. She loves little children and loves her work too. She's one of the Teachers in the School whom the Principal often make reference to telling others to emulate her kindness.

All the pupils in Primary Two loves her because age teaches them well. The pupils who have challenge with their academics are always very free to approach her to inform her about their challenges.

She is unique because she takes time to attend to the pupils that do not understand their sums. She even creates time after the school hours to take the pupils on extra moral classes on Thursdays and Friday. The class lasts for about an hour. This gives the parent a better chance to relax at their work place till 4pm when they will be closing from work and come to pick their kids.

The parents of the pupils always come to appreciate her for her concern in their children's academic needs and always pray God to bless her because she refuses to collect gifts given to her parents of pupils in her class. Rather than accept gifts from parents, Mrs Nkieru buys gifts to her pupils at the end of the term.

Gifts bought is always to encourage the pupils to put in their best in their examination. She is always keen to appreciating those who improved from weak scores to better scores like from 20% to 45%.

According to her, "any change from one to two is a great improvement." She woud say that a child does not need to always be among the first three best performing pupils before theg are encouraged. Hence, even the last three whose total scores and average score is improved should be encouraged.

This very reason is why she is considered as the best Teacher in St. Anthanasus Primary School.


What is the name of the teacher that is kind?
Which school does she teach?
Which class is she a Class Teacher?
What is the name of her husband?
How many children does she have?

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What is the name of the teacher that is kind?
the name of the teacher that is kind is Mrs Nkieru
this is a nice comprehension, it is indeed important for teachers to love and take good care of their pupils