Reading Comprehension: Edet's visit to his Grandmother.

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Morning students educationist teachers parents and the educators in the house blog. Today I want to see a story of Edet's visit to his grandmother. Please resd carefully and answer the questions that follows.

Edet is a boy, he is eight years old, he lives with his family in Port Harcourt City and his grandparent live in the village called Odiok Itam. His grandfather was a very hardworking man. He had three hundred hecters of land which he cultivated yearly. Because od this large plot of land, he married many wives so that they could help him out with his farm work.
Edet's grandma had lived in the village for a very long time and had become quite used to the village and preferred it to the citt where her grandchildren were.

Edet has never been to the village before and he was very excited when his father informed him that he would be going to the village to spend the third term holiday. Edet was really happay with the news. He knew that that would warrant him to having lots of fun like cycing going to the village square to watch the cultural dances and fight.

On the faithful day, Daddy returned from work and announced that we should get our bags into the car. I carefully zipped my bag and took it to the trunk of the car. Dad said that we should hurry up least we stand risk of arriving late at the village. Mum brough only a sac bag which she had bought food stuffs that she will give to grandma and the provision that will sustain ne for the two weeks that i was going to spend there.

Dad bought some snacks along the road and I ate everything and soon dozed off after looking at the trees along the road and the cars that passed by. Soon we arrived and I was awoke by sounds if the children who ran out to welcome my dad and mum. Grandma observed thsg i have grown so bug and strong.
That night, grandmother prepared edikan ekong soup and we ate together as a family. After fhe meal, all the grandchildren gathered round grandma and she told us a story about the elephant and tortoise. I enjoyed the story. I can't remember when i slept off but I remember that my grandma took me to her room and I had a very peacful sleep in my grandma's room.
It was really fun.



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