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TOPIC: The Mosquitoes message to humans.

During and by the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:
1.Identify the characters in the story
2 Write out the names of the characters in the story
3.Share moral lessons from the story.

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes make the most sound in human ear? All don't you ever think about it? Maybe? Or maybe not. The story would give us are me about the mosquitoes and how they keep disturbing human beings with that buzzing sound that's always awkward and awful read carefully and answer the question that follows good luck.

Long time ago, the humans and mosquitoes were living together in peace and harmony until something happened that caused them to be enemies even till date. Do you want to know about it? I sure would explain it the mosquito was a very hard-working insect Hayworth rich and famous the only thing that he lacked was that he was not married all the medals in the village would only one him as a friend but not as unmarried partner. The mosquito went around the entire Animal Kingdom starting with the elephants come the hippopotamus the Lion and all other animals to ask for their daughter's hand in marriage but none of them would give their daughter to the mosquito even when he was rich and very famous. The mosquito did not know what to do till I'm human told him that he would give out his daughter in marriage to the mosquito mosquito very happy and doubled everything is made as bride price.

In the list included gallons of palm wine bitter kola and other items full stop after the mosquito given the items the man told the mosquito that he can never marry his daughter and mosquito was very Furious he asked why the human being laughed and laughed and laughed for a long time and looked at the mosquito and asked him to give you anything that you will marry my daughter? Yes of course that's why I gave all those . The man laughed and laughed and laughed you must be joking man you must be joking. Do you think that I would give up my own daughter to marry someone like you who is as tiny as an ant hell no I cannot do that the mosquito was very angry and did not know what to do please leave my house I cannot help you you can't marry my daughter and that is period. The mosquito left angrily but promised with the man that he will live to regret that. The man told him that he the mosquito will not survive for the next three days despite his Riches that he was looking like someone I would die already. Hence that is why the mosquito keep on buzzing in the man's ear to remind him of something which is the main message do you want to know the message? Then sit tight and read the concluding part of the story tomorrow thank you very much for your time.

now answer the following questions.

1.Was them man right to tell the mosquito to bring those bride price at the end of the day she refuse giving his daughter in marriage?
2.Will the mosquito die at the man has a question mark?

Please answer your question in a simple and clear sentence.

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