Reading Comprehension: WHY DO THE PIGS SNIFF THE GROUND? (part 3) CONCLUSION

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By the end of the lesson, the puils should be able to:
1.Identify the characters in the story
2 Write out the names of the animal characters in the story
3.Answer the questions from the comprehension.

Immediately after the meal, his wife asked him about how he planned paying back the money, and the Tortoise her husband told her not bother about that that he is still the king among all the cunning animals. Thus, he will think out something.

As usual, the Tortoise is never short of ideas, that is why he is known as the "cunny one." During that night, the Tortoise was laying on bed thinking about what he would tell the pig as an excuse. He had many ideas but he needed the one that would be really convincing enough.

Hence, he shouted when this very idea flashed his mind, "I will tell the pig that I want to go to the nearby village to get the money from a friend whom I lent money to." Bingo! This is a very nice idea."

At morning, he shared the idea with his wife and his wife noted that the idea was too weak, he simply replied that the wife would be shocked at how the idea would safe him the same of being mocked by the pig. At the break of day, the Tortoise and his wife were having a good time at the front veranda when they spotted the pig approaching their house. The tortoise reminded the wife what she should say in defense of his absence.

The wife agreed and he immediately tucked himself inside its shell and laid near the wife who was pretending as if it was a grinding stone for grinding her snuff. The pig arrived and asked the Tortoise's wife about her husband and she lied that he just left some minutes ago to the nearby village to get his money from someone whom he had lent money to. The pig was really angry and told the Tortoise wife that he would not leave until he gets his money. This made the Tortoise wife afraid and didn't know what to do because this was against the plan, thus she refused not to respond any further to pig's questions least she makes mistakes.

After the pig had waited for some hours without being offered water as sign of hospitality, he asked the wife of Tortoise whether she knew when her husband would return, but the wife said nothing. He asked again whether there was any need to wait for husband but had no reply.

This made the pig really angry because the Tortoise's wife seem to be concentrating more with the grinding stone and the snuff she was grinding. This was unbearable for the pig who was running out of patience, he thus picked up the supposed grinding stone which actually was Mr. Tortoise and fling it into the nearby bush.

The Tortoise wife began to cry while the as soon as she spotted Tortoise her husband approaching the compound. The Tortoise ran in immediately to inquire about what happen that his wife is crying. His wife explained that the pig throw her grinding stone away into the nearby bush.

Tortoise pretend to be really angry with the pig and asked the pig why he would molest his wife in his absence because of a little money he owed him. He told the pig that he would pay him the money as he was lucky that his friend who owed him huge amount of money had paid him back everything with interest too.

He advised the pig that the only way he was going to pay back the money is when he search and return his wife's grinding stone. The pig who was sorry for his action and lack of self control immediately rushed into the bush after he had apologize so as to get and return his wife's grinding stone.

The pig searched and searched to no avail. The Tortoise smiled at his wife and whispered "I have got him like I had wanted". His wife responded "you should thank me for making the plan work''.

The both went inside living the pig to search aimlessly for the stone so as to return to the pig and get back his money.
Hence, since then till tomorrow, pigs have and would keep sniffing the ground and sometimes digging into it with the hope of recovering the Tortoise grinding stone.


Now attempt the following QUESTIONS.

  1. Did you enjoy the story?
    2.Would you like to read another interesting story from my story library tomorrow?
    3.Who was a cunning animal in the story?
  2. Which animal was the victim of the other's cunning trait?
    5.What did the pig do when the Tortoise wife refused to respond to his questions?
    6.Was the Tortoise able to trick the pig the second time?
    7.Was the Tortoise wife in support of her husband's act?
  3. How as he able to trick the pig?
    9.Do you think that the poor pig would ever find the stone he threw inside the bush?
    10.State your reasons in support or opposition to this claim.

Please put down your answers in a simple and correct sentence

Thank you very much for your patience in reading the three episodes of the story. Next one promises to be a really interesting one

See you in the next class soon.

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