Reading Comprehension: WHY THE PIGS SNIFF THE GROUND (part 2)

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By the end of the lesson, the puils should be able to:
1.Identify the characters in the story
2 Write out the names of the animal characters in the story
3.Answer the questions from the comprehension.

Tortoise promised that he would give pig his good friend the money he would use for buying him food stuffs at the market once he returns.
In the evening, as lazy and cunning as Tortoise is, he knew that pig must be on his way returning from the village market where he went to sale some of the crops he harvested from his farm as well as the food items that Tortoise asked him to buy.

When the Pig arrived at Tortoise house, he met tortoise at home who had connived with his wife to pretend that he was very sick as result of overworking in his farm earlier in the morning. The Tortoise wife lied to the pig that his husband was having high temperature and pains all over his body and that she is afraid that he may not be up this evening. She warned that the village doctor Cock which she had consulted had advised that he should be allowed to sleep peacefully and not be disturbed till the next day.

When pig heard this, he was moved with pity and he did not even care to ask the wife if the Tortoise had dropped any money for him to offset the foodstuffs he got him from the market. He rather promised that he would return the next day to get his money.

As soon as the Pig left, the Tortoise stood up from the bed where he was laying and hugged his wife for being such a good in lying while the wife complimented Tortoise for being such a good lair and an actor who put a show that convinced the pig to leave without remembering to ask for his money.

The Tortoise asked his wife to pick up the food items that the Pig bought from the market and prepare a good meal for their consumption which she willingly obliged. That evening, the had a great time as the enjoyed the pot of soup like there are not going to see the pig again.

Immediately after the meal, his wife asked him about how he planned paying back the money, and the Tortoise her husband told her not bother about that that he is still the king among all the cunning animals. Thus, he will think out something.

Now attempt the following QUESTIONS.

  1. Did you enjoy the story?
    2.Would you like to read the concluding part of the story tomorrow?
    3.Who was a cunning animal?
  2. Why did he pretend to be ill?
    5.What did the pig say before he left?
    6.Do you think that Tortoise will be able to trick the pig the second time?
    7.Was the Tortoise wife in support of her husband's act?

Please put down your answers in a simple and correct sentence

See you in the next class soon.

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