"Song of hope" original poem by me @voclab to help students, parents and teachers understand poetic analysis

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Good morning/evening Teachers, Pupils, Students, Parents and Educationist all round the globe. Welcome to my blog and to class.
Today, is Saturday, a weekend over here in Nigeria, I will be sharing one of my poems with some analysis to help you appreciate poetry.

Background Information
Song of hope is just a four line poem that contains bulk of ideas that could be generated into volumes of books. However I will be very concise with the analysis of the poem, there is a reason to this.
It may interest you to know that 8/10 Literary Student often time complain that they do not understand poetry as a genre of Literary. Thus, their fear of poetry has been born by the fact that poetry is not written in plain language as drama and prose is.
But not to worry. This piece (lesson) is aimed at addressing such fear to ensure that you do not have such fear for poetry again. so please read through these poem and enjoy the analysis as follows.

A strand of meat
stucked between the teeth
its a source of hope
to the tongue that searcheth

A piece of gold
that the cow swallows while grazing
becomes a treasure
to the butcher on it's day of reckoning

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Song of Hope is a poem that reveals hidden truth about the ironies of life. Truly the poet is very conscious of every detail about his environment. He pays attention to things that scientist may have ignored. Thus, from the teeth stuck with meat which the tongue would fine, to general coffer’s murky secrets which the panel would investigate, it is obvious that the poet personae knows the solution to virtually ‘everything’ his society is faced with. However, the poet seem to express his helplessness by giving himself and the readers hope in the last two lines of the poem, stating that those who exploit our resources to beatify the foreign lands, it’s only God that would help us fine. This is quite hilarious because reality shows that our resources are sapped by these exploiters who continuously loot the funds to build mansions and store it up in swizz bank. Indeed we are left at the mercies of God to reward these looters just like the late General Abacha.


Say NO to hopelessness
Say NO to suicide
Say NO to the abuse of woman
Say no to racism
Say NO to the gender rape cases

I am @voclab

I am not and will never be a rapist or abuser of women

Thank you for reading my blog. See you tomorrow

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@tipu curate

Thank you for sharing. Poetry is a love of mine. I agree that often times poets see things that others do not-to take notice of surroundings and relate seemingly different things to one another. I think writing poetry and learning to see like a poet can help us see all of life differently.