The culture and belief system of the Efik Family: Reading Comprehension for all set of learners.

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Subject: English Language
Topic: Comprehension
Age: 6-8 years
Period: Single
Time: 45 Minutes
Date: Tuesday June 23, 2020

Behavioural Objectives

During and by the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to: the comprehension passage fluently
2.attempt answers to the questions in the passage
3.identify difficult/new words in the passage.


Culture is the way of life of the people living in a particular place at a time.Here's the Efik family of Cross Rivers State of Akwa Ibom State. The people of Akwa Ibom State share similar culture with those in Cross Rivers. This is true because it is a young child of Cross Rivers and have lived that way since Nigeria gained her independence in October 1, 1960.
Akwa Ibom have lived together as a family in Cross Rivers often time referred to as Canaan Land until 23rd September 1987 when a new state Akwa Ibom was created out of it by the then military leader Gen. Badabasi Babangida.
Due to the bond between the two States, they are often referred to as Akwa-Cross meaning, Akwa Ibom and Cross Rivers. Both share everything in common. For instance, the culture of the Efiks believes that the children of the extended family are all brothers and sisters even though their fathers and mothers are different. The Efiks cannot accept the dictionary definition of whom a father and mother is. This to them is offending to the gods of the land.
One of the advantage of extended family system is that it keep the Efik people happy and united. Thus, one person's joy is for everyone while his or her sadness is equally shared by all. This bond with one another keeps the family together in addition to physically living together and working together.

Attempt these Questions

1.How many people are in the picture of the Efik family?
2.What is the advantage of the Efik extended family system?
3.Name two states in Nigeria that the Efiks can be found.
4.Where else in the world could they be found?
5.What would an uncle or aunty be called in the Efik culture.

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