Three Dubious Brothers

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During and by the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to:
1.Identify the characters in the story
2 Write out the names of the characters in the story
3.Share moral lessons from the story.

Mr. and Mrs. Ikenga had three children. The three children were all dubious. The eldest Obi was big headed i.e, he was blessed with a big head that made it sometimes a bit difficult to look down or above. He often time always looked into a straight direction, as trying to look towards another direction was a bit task full for him. Because of this, the villagers in Atimndioho village often referred to him as the head of the village-this name became popular even amongst his household as his own brothers would him by the name when they want to spite him.

The second brother was called Udeme and he was a true reflection of his name Udeme which means my share. It is indeed obvious that this young man went for food while he was but a foetus in the stomach. As a result,he had a big belly that always protrude even when he did not eat for a day. He had a twin brother called Ikpong - meaning alone or loner. Ikpong was the opposite of his brother. He had very tiny legs and was a slim as a stick. People in the village often called him HIV or AIDS because of a truth, judging from his appearance, he looked like someone that would not live to see the next day.

One day, the three brothers were going to fetch firewood for their parents and they saw a coconut fruit on the ground. The picked it up and broke it. The fruit taste nice and they needed more to quench their taste. So they decided that one of them should climb the coconut tree. They we're still asking among themselves who should climb the coconut tree that was very tall. The first one Obi told the slim twin brother to take up the task of climbing the tree. The slim twin said that he won't climb that he stands the risk of being blown off the tree if he climbs it because he's very slim and the tree height was too much to take that chance.
After much agurement, Obi the first born often known as the head of the village because of his big head. He opted to climb the tree. He climb the three and started harvesting the fruit. He was still harvesting when his brothers shouted thathe should come down since he's harvested more than ten fruits which will be more than enough for them. When he heard this, he looked down to confirm the number of fruits he had harvested but his head dropped off from he's neck and fell with a great thud "mbooooom". He must have forgotten that his head was too big and as such was to focus in a straight direction rather than look upor down.
The sound of the fall was quite unique and frightening that the two brothers went to confirm what had fallen. When they checked, behold it was their brother's head. The two brothers laughed and laughed and laughed till the stomach of big bellyed twin busted (broke) the slim and tinny leg twin tried running back to the village to tell the parents what happened but his tinny legs broke off alone the road while he ran off. And that was the funny fate of the three dubious brothers.

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