COMPREHENSION: Mike The Playful Boy

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Mike! Mike! Mike!
Wake up. Why are you still lying down here? Won't you go to school?
Mike's mother shouted from the entrance to mike's room, she tapped him on the shoulder to wake up and prepare for school.

Mike is a young boy of 10years. He doesn't like going to school even when the parents especially his mom have tried all they could to make Mike enthusiastic about school. But all their efforts seem null and void. Though Mike's mom never gave up on Mike or his future. She always ensured she would wake him up every time and order him to school even when he didn't wanna go to school.

This act continued several days but his mom never relented effort. One day Mike pretended to be sick so that he wouldn't go to school.
The mom with her kind heart thought Mike was truly sick so she ran helter-skelter in search of drugs to give Mike only for her to come back and Mike was already gone. He ran out of the house and went playing.


Mike had just one friend. He loved his friend Kenneth so much and always wanted to play with him every time. But Kenneth was more concerned about his studies and future. Kenneth wanted to be a doctor and he specifically told Mike to stop playing away from his future and join him to study hard.
But Mike never listened, he always wanted to just play, eat and sleep.

One day Kenneth decided that he didn't want to be friends with Mike anymore. This made Mike very sad and angry. He pleaded with Kenneth not to stop being his friend but Kenneth had already made up his mind, and so he needed Mike to either change and join him with studies or he stopped being his friend.

Mike refused to study but rather continued playing, so Kenneth had no other choice than to stop being friends with Mike. He found a new friend that was more serious with his studies and the two became friends. The studied together and even walk back home together after school.
Mike was left all by himself. He felt really bad at first and always tried to get back as friends with Kenneth but Kenneth's new friend didn't give him a chance.
The two friends began to say hurtful things to Mike, calling him names like Dummy, dullard, and so on.


Mike approached them one day and told them he was going to prove himself to them that he wasn't a dullard neither a dummy. Both Kenneth and his new friend laughed at Mike and walked passed him, mocking and making a jest of him.

Going back home, Mike was disturbed about the incident. He decided to tell his mom about it and asked his mom to get him an extra lesson teacher. The mom was surprised at first and then she was worried. Would Mike be able to adapt or was he only going to waste her money? being that his father had decided not to pay a dine for Mike again since he wasn't showing any sign of improvements.

Mike's mother summed up the courage and paid for an extra lesson for his son. Soon after, Mike started having an extra home lesson. It was very difficult and time-demanding being that Mike was a very difficult child to train and teach, but with time everything went well. Mike was able to start learning fast and adapting as well.

During this time, Kenneth, Mike's former friend had forgotten about Mike and his past failures and so did Mike. He decided not to bother him again and their paths never crossed again.

At the end of the school entrance examination, Mike emerged as the best graduating student. Kenneth was shocked and amazed by the result. He later apologized to Mike for treating him badly because of his new friend. Mike forgave him and they both became friends again and promised never to allow anything to come in between their friendship no matter what.

  1. How old is Mike?
  2. What is the name of Mike's friend?
  3. Why did Mike's friend stop being his friend?
  4. Who ran helter-skelter in search of drugs for mike?
  5. What made Mike serious with his studies?
  6. What did Mike's friend want to become in the future?
  7. Mike became the best graduating student. True or False?
  8. Mention three major things Mike liked doing
  9. What moral lessons have you learned from this passage?
  10. Mike was happy when his friend Kenneth stopped being friends with him. True or False?


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