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Bola and Shola lived with their parents in the outskirts of Lagos.
Bola is 12years old while Shola her younger sister is 10years old.
They are the only children of their parents.
Their father works in an oil company in the city of Lagos while their mom is a nurse in one of the best hospitals outside the city of Lagos.
She is devoted to her work and also to her home but sometimes she passes the night in the hospital because of how tedious the level of her work is.

Fatima loves her husband Ben and her two children. She does everything to make sure her family is well cared for.
She is humble, kind, loving and the best mom Bola and Shola could ever ask for and a loving wife to Mr. Ben.
Things were going on well in the family.
Both parents had a lucrative job and the so the family was in order without any financial challenges.
The children went to the best school in Lagos and the two went very brilliant.

One evening Mr. Ben received a call from his office seeking his presence at that very moment in that late hour of the day.
Fatima his wife thought it was a bad idea for her husband to go out that late in the night. But Mr. Ben thought he needed to go if he didn't want to lose his job.
So he left that night, driving in the dangerous street of Lagos to his company where he worked.
On arrival, he went to the area where he got the call from because he was given the location.
When he got there, he couldn't find any trace of his boss or the person he got the call from.
He tried calling the number again but it was switched off. Now Mr. Ben started getting worried but not for his life but that of his family members at home.
Why would anyone play such a trick on him, he thought? He was a peaceful man and didn't seek anyone's trouble so why would someone plan evil against him or his family.
Just when he was contemplating, he heard a gunshot.

The bullet went right to his chest, he fell on the floor and before he lost consciousness, he could recognize the face of the person that shot him.
It was Mr. Kenneth, his subordinate. The guy has been envying Mr. Ben and planning evil against him.
Now he finally got his way, he called out Mr.Ben from his house at late night and shot him down and left him in his pool of blood.


Mr. Ben was bleeding so much and that made Mr. Kenneth think he was dead. Luckily for Mr. Ben, a security man came to work that night, and on reaching the scene of the crime, he saw Mr. Ben's body in the pool of blood.

He was shocked that he almost screamed at the sight of such a terrible act. He walked closer and noticed it was Mr. Ben and almost everyone in the company knows Mr. Ben, how nice and a good person he is.
He walked to where he lay, touched his hands to feel his pulse. He was still alive, so the security man called the emergency ward to come and pick his body.

When they reached the hospital and operation was to be carried out. The security man was asked to call Mr.Ben's family member.
So he put a call to his wife and released the news of her husband's state to her.
Fatima almost fainted when she received the news but she had to stay calm and strong for the sake of her children.
Bola was already asleep but Shola couldn't sleep, she was still waiting for her dad to return and it seemed that every second she fell asleep, she had nightmares that she didn't want to sleep until her dad was back.

Now, what will her mom tell her? What will she do to make her sleep so that she could rush to the hospital to see their father? She tried everything and did all her best to put Shola to sleep and finally she did so she locked the house, left a little note for them and rushed to the hospital.

On getting to the hospital, she asked to see her husband but she was told he was undergoing a life-death operation.
Fatima asked the security man what happened, the guy responded to her that he knows nothing about this, telling her he came for his night duties and saw Mr. Ben lying down in his pool of blood.
Just when the security man was busy explaining himself, the doctor came out of the emergency room and gave the news.


Mrs. Ben, I am sorry but your husband lost a lot of blood before he was rushed to the hospital so we couldn't do anything to help him. We have lost Mr. Ben.
Fatima fell flat to the ground, she couldn't withstand the news of her husband's death. Her legs became weak that it couldn't carry her again.
What will she do, how will she take care of the children alone, what will she tell them? That they have lost their dad in such an early stage?
These were the question Fatima asked within herself as the doctor walked away.
And the security man trying to console her for the loss.


  1. How many characters are in the story?
  2. How many children does Mr. Ben have?
  3. Mention the names of Mr. Ben's children.
  4. Who is Fatima in the reading passage?
  5. What is the occupation of Fatima?
  6. Who was the actual person that called Mr. Ben at night according to the passage?
  7. What happened to Mr. Ben when he arrived at his workplace?
  8. Who rushed Mr. Ben to the hospital
  9. Mr. Ben lost a lot of blood, true or false?
  10. What moral lessons have you derived from the passage?

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