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Mr. Smith lived in a small town with his wife and their three children.
Robin, the eldest, was eight years old. Ann was seven and Tin was five years old.
They lived in a beautiful house on top of a hill. All around their house were groves mango and guava trees. The children enjoyed climbing these trees and plucking their fruits.

The children specially loved the smell of the wet mud and the clear, fresh air after the daily afternoon rain. On their way back from school they would stand under the tree when the rain came pouring down. Tim would leave his school bag with his brothers and sisters and run to play in the rain. When they reached home, the mother would be standing at the door with a towel. She would rub down all the children till they were dry before they entered the house. They would quickly change into dry clothes and have lunch.

Once, during the mango season, the children were returning home from school as usual. Tim disappeared after leaving his school bag with Robin and Ann. When the two reached home, Tim had not returned. It wasn’t even raining! Where could he have gone?

After an hour’s wait, their mother's anger changed to worry and fear. She had heard many stories of children being kidnapped. She began to cry. Robin thought for a while, then ran out of the house towards the mango trees. Ann ran behind him. They went on calling Tim’s name till they heard him shout back.
”I am up here! Help! I can’t get down. I am stuck, help me! Am very scared.”


Robin and Ann went home and told their mother that robin was stuck on a mango tree. She was very worried, she told the two children to get the ladder from the backyard.
The two children found the ladder, they took it with their mother’s help to the mango tree and slowly helped Tim come down. He was frightened and hungry.
When they reached home their mother scolded Tim.
”This is what happens when you are greedy. You will not go out to play for the next three days,” she said. “That will teach you a lesson.
so for the next two days, Tim watched from his window as Robin and Ann went out to play.
On the third day, Ann ran to her mother and said, “please’ please’ let Tim come to play. He won’t be naughty again.”
mother smiled and nodded. Tim rushed into her arms, kissed her, and said “Thank you mama.I’m very sorry and I promise to be good from now on .”
”Be careful when you climb trees next time,” said mother.
”Yes mama, I’ll be careful,” Tim said and he ran off to play with Robin and Ann.



  1. How many children does Mr. Smith have?
  2. What did the children love?
  3. Why was Mr. Smith's wife worried?
  4. What happened to Tim?
  5. What did Tim's mother do to him?
  6. What did Tim promise his mother?
  7. Who pleaded with Tim's mother to let him play again?
  8. What are your moral lessons in the passage?


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