COMPREHESION: The Tortoise and The Hare

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One upon a time, in the animal kingdom lived the tortoise and the hare. Everybody knew the tortoise was a very slow animal and they always mocked him that he was no different from the snail. This mockery continued for many months and when the tortoise couldn’t take it anymore, he thought of what to do. The hare was always getting on his nerves, of all the other animals. The hare never spared him one minute of mockery and so tortoise thought; if he could challenge the hare to a race and win then the hare will stop mocking him and giving him some respect.

The tortoise didn’t know how this would be possible but he just knew he needed to do something and to be very fast about whatever plans he had. He didn’t wanna cheat in anyway nor have any doubts about himself even when he knew he may be up for a defeat, still he wanted to try cause he assumed it was better to try and not just conclude without even trying first.

One day the tortoise went to the hare. He told him, he wanted to challenge him to a race. The hare laughed so hard at the tortoise and made a jest of him; him tortoise racing with himself? He started bragging about how fast he was and how tortoise was as slow and useless as a snail. But he still agreed to have a race with tortoise.
The race between tortoise and the hare was announced all over the animal kingdom and a day was fixed for the great show.

Soon the D-day arrived and every animals were gathered to witness the race. Majority of the animals started mocking tortoise and telling him that he wanted to be defeated for ever thinking he could go up against the hare.
The race started and boom, the hare was not even close to tortoise again as he had ran so fast, far away of tortoise. He ran as far as his legs could carry him even when he knew tortoise couldn’t keep up that pace yet he still give his best effort and soon he was out of sight.


When the hare got to a certain point, he turned around and noticed that tortoise was nowhere to be found or close by, so he decided to rest a little, only for him to fall fast asleep.
By the time tortoise got to where the hare was lying, he noticed the hare was sleeping and so he quietly ran and passed him.

The hare suddenly woke up when tortoise had passed already. He looked around and still didn’t see the break light of tortoise so he started running again only for him to see tortoise ahead of him.
The tortoise soon got to the finish line but the hare was still far behind.
All the other animals cheered and clapped for the tortoise. He had won the race. The hare was very sad and displeased with himself.


1.What is your moral lesson from the story?
2.Who won the race?
3.Who bragged about being fast?
4.What made tortoise challenge the hare to a race?
5.Who fell asleep by the roadside?
6.What happened to the hare in the end?
7.The other animals clapped for tortoise; true or false?



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