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Good day everybody on hive
This is a post to call one of our hive members here to come and check what is going on in telokanda

Am writing this post to call in a friend on steemit and hive

What is telokanda
Welcome to TELOKANDA!! smile


Telokanda is a social advertising platform built on the Telos Blockchain where users can buy ads, sell ads and get rewarded for taking actions on other user’s ads.

Our website is under construction and will be launched soon. grinning remember it has not been launched officially. Still under construction

We have KANDA tokens available on @steem-engine, @hive-engine and on the Telos wallet.

Get your Telos wallet today for desktop or download TELOS WALLET App on Google playstore for Android or App Store for iOS mobile.

This is a call for investors to invest on our platform and let's promote our token called KANDA cubbed from the name WAKANDA

Here is the link to our white paper

Here is also the link to telokanda discord channel

Along the telokanda, we also have the challenge EOS app
Called the challengedac EOS app


The challenge is a user-friendly blockchain App that allows users to create and fulfill geo-specific time-sensitive tasks for real blockchain rewards.

A challenge is a selected place and time a player has to be in order to unlock the challenge and receive their blockchain rewards.

Here I bring you the challengedac app
I love the because it's an EOS based application and because it is GEO-specific and time sensitive app
Users create challenges on the app and then create a reward for the challenged, this creating a friendly atmosphere on the EOS blockchaiñ

The challengedac app has a native token called CHL and it has an asset on steem engine CHLP waiting to be listed on steem engine

The app is available for all platform compability both IOS and Android users can get the app on play store
The link to the challenge app discord channel

Just search for challengedac app

For more enquiries on the both platform you can contact

I'll be waiting for your response @dimimp

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NICE I love the title, and that users are calling out to investors, a magical thing here with Nitrous and thank you so much to @eonwarped for his Open Source Nitrous Free Software on github used to project this front end of steem, onto a webpage like magic, directly from the steem or hive blockchain now, and we have our Telokanda KANDA Hive engien Side Chain which has so many possibilities, and, will somehow get pegged again to TELOS kanda

Maybe we can work with which lets you list any EOS token now for 3 EOS so if we pegged EOS tokens to any on steem or hive engine they can be immediately traded here :D Telos too, including Telos KANDA KANDA was the first to register on Alcor for telos!

I burned 100 KANDA to promote this post on the front page!

You'll earn your 363 minus curation and we will have people buying KANDA back from the market, and then on telos we will have more dapp action and in the discord we have a unique system with a lot of useful data all accessible in easily digestible form, as if we are teaching young people the tools you really need.

Ok man

Nothing about what Telekonda is about?

That's why I posted a link to the white paper...thanks for the comments