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Good day my friends on hive
I have been posting updates about the challenge app recently and I hope everybody here following me understands what the app is all about
Have made a lot of video entries to educate everybody here about what challenge EOS app is about

A challenge is a task users set and set a given rewards to be unlocked

Challenge EOS app is a geo-specific and time sensitive application built and designed on the EOS blockchain

The application has a native token called the CHL token, and it is pegged on steem engine waiting to be listed on hive engine. The challenge app is so systematic that it uses location and it is time specific, a challenge will be made based on location, time, and task depending the challenger

Here we have the challenger and the challenged, the challenged receive task and fufil it for block chain rewards, after every challenge CHL token will be earned depending on the challenger..

The CHL token can be traded on newdex exchange and it's pegged asset can also be traded on steem engine

How to create a challenge
Download the application and register

Then go to create challenges
Fill in challenge username
Set task
Set location
And set a reward
Tada the challenge is ready

Do you even the challenge app is the first application that unites users together on the EOS blockchain thereby Making a friendly ecosystem on blockchain

Join challenge EOS application
And let's unlock the rewards on blockchain

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Thank you so much for the explanation. I learnt thing from it even after wining a challenge.

Great application BTW. 😅

Thanks for spreading the good news about ChallengeEOS!