An Excellent Dapp - Challengeeos

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As the title says; an excellent dapp. It is with great ingenuity that challengeeos app was created. The mere idea of setting a bounty for tasks one wishes to be completed is a clever one. I for one, i am not very good at setting targets and achieving them. I mostly postponed most of my activities. Even getting to create this video had to be postponed for several days before i got the motivation to complete it. With a bounty, things get done easily.


Thanks to the founders and the developers of challenge eos, people can complete tasks in a whole new fun way and alongside earn a token (CHL) which can be exchanged for monetary rewards. Its not been long since i joined the platform and i must say i love how easy it is to create an account. Its easy but then your identity will be stored with it. I guess that is the only downside to creating an account with you personal telephone number.

You can also join this challenge by making a review video and posting it in the challengeeos community on hive. Peace. Have fun completing a challenge.

RULE 1: Download the Challengeeos App and create an account
Download App here:)
For Android Users:
For IOS Users:
RULE 2: Subscribe to the Challengeeos Community here
RULE 3: Share your Challengeeos App 2 minutes Review Video e.g YouTube link via a Hive post of atleast 200 words through the community. Let us know why you like the app. (Use #challengeeos tag if posting from a video platform supported by Hive).

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