Billy Prempeh for Congress! A Story of Inspiration!

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I just watched a youtube video about Billy Prempeh and I got to tell you, I like this guy. I admire him because right now people seem to think that communism is the answer. The sad part is that the democrats are beginning to victimize race again. The world is not getting more racist and Billy is an example of that. He doesn't gain his success by his race but rather his ideas and this is the mindset all Americans regardless of race should aspire to in my opinion.

Official Website ~

It's a long video but in the beginning he tells his story. In fact, as a former veteran of the military I can relate with this even more. If I was faced with a decision to disobey an order when I was in the military,

I don't know if I would have had the balls to do so. However, at this age I am much more mature and obviously more opinionated when it comes to political ideology. It's odd because I would have thought Billy to be a traitor 10 years ago, but now I completely agree with why he made the decision at the time he did.

Trust me, if you've served and hear what Billy says I bet you would agree with me. But, unless you're "left-leaning" you'll probably understand now why Billy did what he did during his time in the Air Force.

The Real Message

The real message here is that this guy isn't running under any platform but his ideas.

Though his ideas are probably more seen as right when you look at it from a binary left/right perspective, he isn't gaining popularity in the market of racism. While racism is an attractive market to garnish votes, it has its own set of consequences we're experiencing with the current riots.

The media seems desperate at this point and not highlighting stories like this. These ideas might even be considered hate speech by some and it's sad to see the world moving in this direction. It would be awesome to see more people like Billy running in their district. It almost inspires me to want to run on my own.

If you want to succeed first you have to have a good set of ideas. You have to be passionate about them and actually believe in them.

Don't be an NPC.

Thanks for stopping by friends!


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Watched this interview the other day. Seems like a great dude. We need to get more young, optimistic energy into many of these political offices and look past the reductionist left/right divide. Need people that care about the country, love the country and want to move things forward instead of constant bitching about problems for bitching's sake while offering no solutions. Just my 2 cents lol.

Yea and the interview just opens you up to who he is running against and in power.

It's sad to see ideas be expressed either as left or right, because those sides exist and have the power they do. It will be interesting to see if more young people get positions of power. I think most millennial see the sides from a more logical viewpoint, we know the system is what it is and impossible to break, most of a moderate view will be looked at as right. It's the youngest people, gen Z that is really making the left so extreme and exploits the moderate left as sell-outs/scary to run the country.

I really hate to even talk about the sides to be honest, it's the sides people use to divide the country and push agendas more broadly. I know this works too because it doesn't matter what the left pushes, my friends on that side will push that too. There is plenty of hills I wouldn't die on but the left seems way more willing to die on every hill from their side.

This video explains that one well

I love America and I think there should be a police to police the police. Just like I think there should be police to police the Hive Witnesses and Proposals ;)

If I lived in NJ I'd def vote for this guy! @tipu curate 2

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