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@silversaver888 has created this lovely community for just us ladies! It will be nice to have a place to blog about just 'girl' topics - or not.....you just never know.

I am just me; I'm not old, not young. I'm simple, yet complicated as my husband would say. I'm a little girl at times and sometimes feel like a very old woman. I will tell people that I am anywhere from 2 years old to 200 years old depending on the day! I know that some of you know exactly what I am talking about, lol!

Life has gotten much more complicated this year. Nothing is as it was, but this too shall pass. Will things go back to normal? Maybe, but I think normal will take on a new meaning. Only time will tell. BUT......that's okay because we all have each other to lean on! There is strength in numbers. Love will help us all through.

Anyway, I am passionate about animals, coffee, hiking, precious metals, and a multitude of things! I am looking forward to reading #ladiesofhive posts and to finding friends in this group.

I am happy to be here and my hope is for all of us to find each other!

Take care my lady friends and have a lovely day!💜🌸

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a sweet group of lady stackers of SGH

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What if I identify as a Lady of Hive??? 😜

LOL!👀😜. Take care my friend!

@fat-Elvis... having written the mission statement myself:

Our mission is to empower and encourage female/feminine/femme-identifying voices on Hive. We are here to support, uplift and learn from one another (in a no drama space). We believe female voices and ideas should find equal representation in all corners of the blockchain. This is an inclusive space and we welcome men who also support this vision.

There is definitely a place for you. 😉

Yay! I love the ladies of Hive.

Love ya back! ❤️

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Oh my goodness!!! You have described some of the best traits of a woman: "not old, not young", "simple, yet complicated", "a little girl at times and sometimes feel like a very old woman", "anywhere from 2 years old to 200 years old depending on the day". I know that you post daily like myself. I invite you to use the #ladiesofhive tag (on the first 4 tags) and share your daily activities in this community as well!
Have a lovely day, @elizabethbit, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Thank you @silversaver888! I will DM you a question. Love ya much!🤗💕😘🌸

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An old women! Pfft! And old woman wouldn’t be hiking up mountains EVERY day! 💕

There are days though.........lol! Thanks @dfinney!💜

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you so much!

nice to meet n greet , fun space and refreshing intro, we are what we are that's for sure :) <3

A belated welcome to Ladies of Hive Sis, I'd eventually catch up!

No worries,sis! I'm having issues keeping up with everything, lol! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

Pleased to meet you @Elizabethbit
There are all these restrictions imposed here, loss of jobs, pay cuts - but at the same time when I am out and about, it almost feels like nothing much has changed, queues outside popular restaurants (but perhaps because there are fewer people allowed in at a time), parking is next to impossible on weekends at malls...

It's crazy though and not sure where all this will take us...

Neither am I, but I know we have to move forward and hope for the best. Take care and have a lovely rest of the weekend!