My angel💕

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I have always said that @denissemata is an angel on this earth and she verifies me day by day that it is so. This photo for me is worth a lot, it is some food ... A lunch, a rice, a flour, spaghetti and some vegetables.

They have been difficult days for me and she still not having much she always wants to help me with my things and things for Ale. And that makes me cry for everything she loves us. I already told you before but I want to say it again thanks my Denissita for everything. God multiply all the beauty you do for everyone in this life.

I only wish that everything improves and that the difficult days come to an end and that things as simple as food are not a daily struggle that takes away the sleep of many.

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That is a precious gift, indeed! ❤️ ❤️ !tip 2.0

Yes my friend! Really she is my angel.