Otter - Helps You How??

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Otter - Helps You How??

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Are you tired of taking down dictations?

Are you unable to take down everything you hear?

Are you tired of missing out lines while taking down running notes??

Are you looking for someone who can take down your notes without leaving any space for errors?

B I N G O!!

You have it- OTTER- It is!!

This friendly app is the simple answer to your questions.

*It takes down notes with almost no errors.
*It has auto spell-check.
*It writes exactly matching the speed of the person giving the dictation.
*It changes the paragraph automatically.
*It does not follow any short hand.
*It saves the files as documents on its own when paused for long.

I came across this amazing app, when I too was in dire need of help.

I almost checked 56 apps in play store. Then came across OTTER- An amazing, wonderful, time saver app.

Otter is beneficial not only for students but also to people in office who are trying hard to keep pace with the one, giving them a hard time during dictation. It also helps an individual while keeping up with writing Minutes. Otter helps business professionals, students, journalists, stay focused and save time.

Otter the best writing assistant I have come across so far.
Try it yourself and let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned. Follow to know more @cherrythinks

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This sounds like a very interesting app to look into. 😊