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This is probably the longest I've ever been away - 12 days in total. It was totally unintentional, merely because I was caught up with work during the weekdays and on the weekends, I've recently started back on my favourite tv series Shadowhunters; right from Season 1 onwards. Finishing Season 1 and part of Season 2, I gave up and decided to skip right to the end. I was being a potato couch and that is so not good at all. Unfortunately, it was unavoidable since I had fallen down on the streets of Saigon earlier last week. So, I took advantage of the weekend to stay home and nurse my wound.

Shadowhunters - Mortal Instruments

I had my laptop nearby but I just wasn't in the mood to open it and check out any post. I even skipped my favourite Market Friday & Fruits and Veggies Monday posting - guess I just needed a break from all these social media engagement for a while. At the end of the day, physical human and face-to-face communication is still the best; nothing beats this.


And now, I'm struggling to get my first post up after being away for almost 2 weeks. It is kind off hard to pick back up my writing and posting. If it wasn't because today was a Friday and that I've had enough of work done for the entire week - it was time to give myself a break time and chill out. So, I put on my ear piece and stream on my favourite radio channel - Lite Web FM 105.7 from Malaysia... with my mind cleared and breathing calmly, I started to tap on the keys of my laptop. I halted several times, using the backspace and delete button; maybe too often than I should. Words wasn't flowing down as well as I had hoped for. I had very much expected that but if I didn't start, I know I would end up nowhere.

Not wanting to pressure myself into writing insignificantly, I decided to end here and perhaps more will come in the next few days. Inspiration is an important element in any task - that I believe...

Time to sign out and get some sleep 😴



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I hope you are doing fine!!! I have missed you, but, just guessed that you were busy at work or life and we would see you again soon!

I am so sorry about your fall! What happened and don't be silly! Couch potato or not, you need to make sure you are okay enough to get up and out! Are you able to work 100% from home?

Just know that although we miss you, we will be right here when you come back. xoxo

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Thanks so much @dswigle. I'm being careful as the thought of going to the hospital just isn't something I want to do. I do have some ointment and am using it as often as I can.
I'm slowly crawling back into posting but taking my pace on it

That's good!!!

Now, I am checking back to see how you are doing!!! ❤️

Humans time is totally the best. People forget that real connections are what makes life worth it, the experience of it all. 🤗

I absolutely agree.. maybe that's what I'm missing out
I started meeting my friends during the weekend .. at least for lunch or tea and it feels good for the soul

Hope you are doing fine now after the fall. It is good to read from you again. Take it easy and soon all the words will flow again. I, too, will take break from social media on and off if I notice I develop the "information overload" symptoms, then get back again. Break and back. Break and back. Still, real life is the best. Sending love to you. ❤️

thanks so much @iamjadeline
I'm taking it easy since my fall - just slow walk and no excessive exercise
it's at times like these I really wish I had my family around

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That’s like me too @iamjadeline I didn’t know there were others like that and I felt bad often taking so many breaks!

Oh nooooo! Hope you are feeling better!!

I have been feeling this way for some time now. The mind is pushing, but the heart goes into the meh mood.
That's the thing with stopping, getting back needs that extra push
But you know, you needed a little pampering, you fell down, you are there without your family and friends, - so you are allowed to indulge
Sending you a tonne of <33

Thanks so much..
It is indeed tough being alone and when I'm felling under the weather, it's just me and my son's little pillow that's keeping me company. He made sure I kept it close to me so that I remember his smell.. ha ha

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Aww that sounds so much like me too! Hope you’re feeling better now!

Thanks so much @vincy..
Am slowly getting better but the pain is still here unfortunately