2 Video Montage Of Clips On Our Walk By Trees And Lake. Plus A Song Of Mine On Youtube.

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Have to get out! Otherwise you may go stir crazy! So went for a walk all around the lake in the next town. It was a great day, nice sun, good trail around the lake. There were a couple look out docks. There were lots of birds. It was a good time to unwind! Glad we got out today!

I was inspired to capture a few moments in clips throughout the day trip.

Here are the 2 compilation videos

I captured a few interesting bits. The walk flowed really nicely! I find during this more isolating time I got to get myself out of the house and in a bit of nature. The garden is starting to happen now too. It's much needed therapy. Day by day I'm feeling more myself! This little trip did me good. Will do some more exploring soon.

Now that the family time is done where I had my brother and mom here I am relaxing more. Looking forward to tomorrow. Some garden stuff and creativity is what I will get up too!

Glad more of my music is up on youtube after distribution. Here is one of the songs

Having my funny music out there is inspiring me to make more and have fun!

you can find more Synthesis Underground on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. It's where I usually release sounds first



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