Smiling Hedgehog

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Meet the smiling hedgehog.

I have been telling many times how often I see hedgehogs near my home. They are well adapted in the urban areas and because we are surrounded by hedges, they have ideal place for the long winter hibernation.


Each night I look carefully to see them. Sometimes they are well hid in the grass. Couple of nights ago while walking the dog I saw something that at first I thought was a cat. To my delight it was a hedgehog standing still in the grass. I ran towards to make few shots and the spiky was looking up. Usually they will lay low and hide and hardly I could see the mouth. But this one was curious or just sniffing the air and showed me his/hers front teeth.


First time ever seeing anything like that.



It looks like the hedgehog was smiling.



Cheeky hedgehog 😀


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Hahaha - I agree! Cute smile... :)

I was so surprised to see it and to be able to capture it. 😀

He likes you! :D And was being friendly/cheeky... haha

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How cute maybe a smile but maybe showing his or her teeth to warn you and the dog of just like a dog does to warn there attacker of but whatever certainly a cute moment you captured 😊

Thank you! Certainly it was a rare moment.

This is not a smile. This is a warning. Probably a hedgehog mom and she had a cub hidden under her. That's why it's so tall and wide.

I was thinking that it might be warning. Like dogs do.
I was using the telelens and I kept the distance. But I got a feeling the hedgehog was young. I coild be wrong.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Much appreciated.

No need to feel wrong. The hedgehogs usually disappear quietly, but this one was watching over something :-).

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