Amazing Nature: Rabbit Food

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This is my entry for the Amazing Nature Contest hosted by @adalger. Check his post Here for more information.

This rabbit is eating pine needles retrieved from the lower branches of the pine tree in the backyard.


The fur coats on the wild rabbits running around the yard are starting to look more brown than white. They will be completely brown soon as the weather warms. This is nature’s way of camouflaging them from predators.

Rabbits like something in the grass, like clovers. and munching the fresh grass itself.


I’ve heard of lettuce and other greens often referred to as “Rabbit Food.” Rabbits also like apples as I’ve seen them nibbling on them.

Much like many humans, the rabbits like an evening snack. They like to come out around dusk for their rabbit food.


This rabbit is in full stride, heading for the protection of the dense trees in the forest. He is about to pass under the pine tree where he was eating the needles. Something alerted him-maybe it was me. :)


Rabbits are amazing animals. They are endowed with special ability activated by climate to change their fur from the white of winter to brown in summer and vice versa.

Reproduction Machine

A female, if she has a mate, can have a litter every month. a litter can be anywhere from 4 to 12 babies. The babies are called “Kits.”

I hope these two have some kits as rabbits are scarce here. Their numbers are going down because many animals such as coyotes, foxes, the red-tailed hawk and owls rely on rabbits for food, especially in winter.

Horseshoe Hares

Throughout this post I have called the cute furry animals rabbits. They are really Horseshoe Hares.

Horseshoe Hares are referred to generally as rabbits. They got the name from the large hind feet which helps them stay on top of the snow in winter.

Cutout in Lunapic

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6

Animated Banner Created By @zord189

Courtesy of @derangedvisions


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They are both so adorable! Just yesterday I`ve seen a rabbit while I was in the park with my son. I was surprised to it there, given that we were in the city.

Thanks @lymepoet. Rabbit are so adorable. I am surprised they were in the city.😊

Rabbits are some of the cutest animals :)

Yes I agree @seadbeady.🐇😊

Seeing them out enjoying life is quite rare in our part of the world, inland we may capture a glimpse of them at night normally.

Changing colour for summer and winter is fascinating, thanks for sharing this amazing guy on the run Jo. Eating Pine needles, well humans make tea with them I believe so interesting the hare enjoys them to nibble on as well.


Welcome Joan@joanstewart. 😊The rabbits are amazing. I wonder if they also eat the pine needles for health reasons. Animals instinctively know what is good for them.

Very cute rabbits! I had no idea they could reproduce so quickly!

They are cute Keith. I hope these one reproduce as I don’t see that many around. Perhaps only a small percentage of the kits survive.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 5 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix@pixresteemer!

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Awesome thank you @redheadpei! It is really appreciated 🙏❤️
cheers, liz

I love Rabbits and Hares, for me are all the same - some are bigger and some are smaller ;) These look cute with partly white and brown fur ;)
It's interesting, I didn't know that they eat pine needles, I thought they eat only grass and carrots 😉


Yes, either called rabbit or hare they are nice to see hopping around Johann.

I’ve seen them reaching up to the pine and spruce tree but didn’t realize they were eating the needles until I took this photo.

A few years ago there was one rabbit that loved apples and he was killed mysteriously right here in the backyard. I was totally freaked out and later did a post on him. I had been giving him apples and he hung around in the open too much by the back deck.

Thanks very much for tip and beer. Appreciate you.😊

Good morning Jo,

I have talked to @melinda010100 yesterday that we learn so much here on the blockchain, and this is another new thing I or we have learned ... cool 🙂

When I was a kid we had rabbits at home. We fed them grass and salad and some other green leaves we have found and which they liked, but also carrots and apples if I remember right.

I think we will have a nice day today - the sun shines, the sky is blue and the birds are singing. I hope, your day and weather will be very good too, Jo.
So, have a great day and take care 🙂


So true Johann, We are learning many interesting things from each other.

We may live in different countries but have the same hopes and dreams.

Today is turning out nicely with the sun starting to shine. I I think a trip into Montague for some groceries may be in order.

Have a great day and be well.🤗

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We have had a nice day too, but in the afternoon it got a bit cloudy. Nevertheless, I will try to see a sunset tonight 😉
I hope your weather stays fine and your trip to Montague will be nice and you will get everything you need.

Cheers and !BEER

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@johannpiber There is so much to learn! I had no idea rabbits would eat pine needles!

Me neither 😁

@melinda010100, @johannpiber. Here’s a photo of one of the rabbits reaching up in the spruce tree to eat from it. I don’t see them doing this often.


That looks cool and I can remember that we have eaten the light green fresh shoots of the conifers when we were kids 🙂


It shouldn’t be harmful as long as you didn’t eat too many. Pine needles are suppose to be antiseptic and great for coughs. Maybe that rabbit had a cold. 🤣

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No, we didn't eat a lot, just tested the taste, but I can't remember it. Maybe I should try it next time 😁

Right, the rabbit might have had a cold and the doctor told it what to eat to get healthy again 😉

Cheers and!BEER

😁 Johann, A few pine needles made into a tea just might be better than some of the medicine taken for a cold. It would have some of the flavour like the wicked tasting Buckley’s cough medicine. It has pine needles as part of the formula but it works.

I had no idea they did that! During the winter the deer eat my evergreens and I blame them for damaging the shrubbery, but maybe the rabbits have been helping them!

The rabbits never seem to take enough to be noticeable.

Someone has been munching on my hostas. I haven't seen any rabbits, so I think I know who to blame!

Your season is ahead of mine as my hostas are just peeking out of the ground. You wouldn’t think the animals would like the taste of them. We don’t have any deer on the Island.

Nice Rabbits activity photography.

Thanks @kamrunnahar!😊


I did not know rabbits change their fur, but naturally they have to.
How wonderful is to see them comeing to pay you a visit.

I do enjoy seeing them around the yard Neli. There’s no insecticide sprayed on the grass and lots of clovers and other things growing in the yard they like to eat. 😊

Excelente su publicación. Me encantó el enfoque relacionado con la cadena alimenticia. aliriera

Thanks for stopping by. I’m happy you liked the food connection.

That action shot is amazing! Great photos and info about these guys. I seldom ever see a rabbit here and I suspect that there are too many predators here. My daughters garden tends to be overrun with them in town.

Thanks Melinda. ❤️ I'm glad to see them around as they have been so scarce even with all the kits they are suppose to have.

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Great photos Jo!! I think I might love that last action shot the most but they are all great! I haven't been seeing the wild "hoppers" here so much but then again I don't walk the neighborhood like I use to. We had a lot of hawks the past couple of years which could be one of the reasons why as well. 🤔 💕

I'm happy you like the photos Dee 💖 The rabbit could really move. I worry about something killing them as they are out in the open quite often.

cute pictures ^^ .. the jumping one, after you maybe alerted the rabbit is a great one in perfect motion ;)

Thanks Adalger. It was a lucky shot 😊

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