Beginners works

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For the loved to post my needle works here in community. I spent my time doing these.

A table cloth napkin.
How I made this?
I saw this fabric in the container of used old clothes thinking of doing something out of this. Yes a table cloth napkin with crochet edging, I was using cross stitch thread here, experimenting if would works.

measuring the cloth 10×10 inches

and cut.



After cutting I started crocheting the first corner with a 3 single crochet, then continue crocheting the following edge with a single crochet..



Then I made also a headband for my daughter.


First to do, I made 70 chains i used single crochet back and forth,


until I got the right width.

Unfortunately the length was shorts. I added length on both ends by crocheting again.

I wanted to decorate something like flowers but don't know how to do it by crochet. I searched youtube how to do a simple flower crochet. I'm so glad I followed and got the said instruction then apply. Gotcha! I made 3 flowers having 5 petals.

Well crocheting was fun but it consumed a lot of your time..time consuming. In fact I haven't took a bath I stuck seated, dont want any destruction while doing crocheting. I forgot to eat dinner at right time . I ate my dinner almost midnight..

Thank you @jurich60 for introducing the founder @crosheille of #needleworkmonday. Together with the active admins @muscara @marblely @shanibeer.

Stay safe everone..
Its me..

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Nice needle work!

Thank you for dropping at pag support

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consistent mga nanay natin keep it up

Wala kaseng ginagawa, pag may naisip isulat agad para iblog

Beautiful works, sana matutu rin ako, but everytime i try to do it i lose interest, maybe my heart :D

nice to met you here..thanks for dropping

It is very nice your work, go ahead, the manualists to the power in HIVE

Thank very much for dropping.

Both works are wonderful. But I am curious, did you punched holes into the fabric before crocheting the border? Or how could you get the thread through the fabric?

Yeah by pushing the crochet hook into the fabric. Thanks for dropping. Nice to met you here

todo hataw po ang needlework ah, well it's because it's pretty. Also it's not easy to make like that.

Di pa sanay kase, pero kinakaya.. thanks for dropping

Nice one Neng! More more...

Try muna mag post khit ito muna .. sana maging back to normal na para mkapamili gamit sa crochet.

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Thank you very much for featuring my works.

Your work is really neat! Love the use of crosstitch thread for the crochet border. Welcome to NeedleWorkMonday! Hope to see more of your projects here with us :)