#needleworkmonday :: A duckbill face mask

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Happy #NeedleWorkMonday everyone!
May everyone be home safe and sound.


Just the other day, I started making face masks because before the lockdown, all pharmacies that we went to had no stock and now that we are still in a lockdown, to go looking for masks now is a challenge.

We have had a number of friends here on NeedleWorkMonday sharing their beautiful face mask projects and I was motivated to try it myself.

My first try was the pleated, surgical mask kind and I made one with a filter insert. And this round I tried the duckbill version. I searched around for a pattern, again, there are tonnes out there in the internet world and I quite like this one: https://www.craftpassion.com/face-mask-sewing-pattern/.
I chose the version with a filter insert to increase the effectiveness of the mask.

I drew out the pattern from my computer screen and decided on the fabric. There are a number of suggestions for fabric and most says cotton is good. I saw one website that recommended thicker fabric such as denim, duck cloth or canvas for the outer layer. I got some denim fabric for a 2 dollar shop and I chose a black polka dot for the inner fabric. I was making this for my hubby and I think this would look cool on him.

I cut out the fabric pieces for both outer and inner layers following the pattern, making sure that I left 1" of extra fabric for the outer layer and 1/2" for inner layer for the ears part:

Then, I sewed the front pieces together for each layer with right sides of the fabric facing each other:

And clipped the curved edges so that it is easier to press on the right sides of the fabric once we turn them inside out:

Ironed the seams flat:

And top stitched the nose part to flatten and strengthen the seams:

At this point, I also hemmed the ear sides for both layers so that when we sew them together and turn them inside out, the edges would all be nicely hemmed.

Next, it was time to sew the top and bottom of both layers together after pinning them first:

and slowly sew them together:

Then, turning the layers inside out:

Nicely pressing the edges with an iron:

And top stitch the top and bottom edges:

Next part, we work on the elastic holder hem:

Although the pattern did not include a nose wire, I decided to add it in by placing the wire inside first and then sewed about 0.5cm from the nose edge until an inch before the ear elastic holder to keep the wire in place:
The nose wire helps fit onto the face better.

Then, I measured about 15cm of elastic and inserted into the hole and tie a knot to fit the ears:

Duckbill face mask done!

But after that, I thought to add a little fish onto the mask to add some cuteness to it.

I roughly drew a fish with my chalk:

And did a stem stitch to the fish pattern:

Add a small eye and done!



~ ~ ~ 🧵🧶💗🧶🧵 ~ ~ ~

Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead and
Happy #NeedleWorkMonday!

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Thank you, thank you so much! 💗

Wonderful. Reblogged and shared on twitter POSH: https://twitter.com/BreugelMarike/status/1245241864334143489?s=20

We had some made for us by our Thai yoga teacher here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 2 layers of light cotton with a pocket created between to contain a sheet of HEPA filter (used for air purifiers & can buy at hardware stores).


Awesome! Thank you for dropping by @artemislives and for sharing. Those masks look good and fit you ladies very well. Very nice of your yoga teacher to make them for you too. I think the duckbill version fits better than the pleated version.
Ah yes vacuum HEPA filters or any non woven sheets. Some suggested dry baby wipes or the sheets used for dry mopping. That works too. Or if we have any disposable mask still available, we can slot one in and there is no need to keep throwing after use. We just need to slip them right into the pocket insert and take them out while we wash the fabric masks.
Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy friend 💗

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Thank you so much @diyhub!!

I think it is really cool that you make your own mask
Bread.. now a mask..
I can't wait to see what else you are going to whip up :D

It is fun to make one and the thought that we can wash them with soap and kill those blardie virus instead of throwing away the masks and add on to the landfills, is very gratifying. But then again, there was no stock when we wanted to get one :D Thank you for dropping by @kaerpediem! Hope you and family are safely home and happy and healthy! <3

Beautiful durable mask! DIY is better than buying one.

Hehe thank you @jurich60! Inspired by you and sarimanok and romeskie! Yes yes, DIY is better. We can wash them with soap and kill the virus!

Your mask looks very professional and I did know this specific type. It looks much better than most of the mask I see here. I maybe overlooked it, but which kind of filter did you put into your mask? I seldom find recommendations for this.
The embroidered fish is a wonderful add to, a bit of art on a very practical item.

I read that you can use filter paper for coffee or filter mats for exhaust hoods.

Thank you @neumannsalva! I didn't know it was easy to sew one :)
The ones I have read so far would recommend HEPA vacuum filters or any non woven sheets. Some suggested dry baby wipes or the sheets used for dry mopping. That works too. Or if we have any disposable mask still available, we can slot one in and there is no need to keep throwing after use. We just wash the fabric mask and insert the filter back in.
I like the embroidered fish :)

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Thank you very much!! 💗

Excellent step-by-step.
Thank you for sharing this publication on how to make a (handmade) mouth mask.
It is very important because it helps to protect us.
Worldwide there is not the industrial capacity to make mouth masks for all the inhabitants of the planet.
Many blessings to you and your sewing machine. Greetings @marblely

Thank you dear. That is true. There is shortage of mask supply. Thank you for the well wishes and I wish you and your loved ones safe and healthy there too.