#needleworkmonday :: Sewing a Gift Bag

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Happy #NeedleWorkMonday everyone!


This week, I will visiting a friend at her new home and as a gift, I will giving her some indoor plants to add nature into her space. And with the plant, I thought that it would be nice to sew a gift bag to bring her the plant since I am on a roll after my last grocery bag project.

I have a piece of 40cm x 50cm polyester gingham cut cloth...

... which I folded into half...

...to cut 2 strips first as the handles.

For the handles, I folded and sew the edges together, to make sturdier handles.

Then, using a pin, I turned the sewn handles inside out.

And sew down the handles so that they are nice and flat.

Once the handles are ready, I went on sewing the bag edges, starting with the bottom.

As I will be putting in a vase, I decided to double and triple sew the bottom hem to reinforce the stitches.

I sewed the corners at the bottom of the bag to give the bag a base structure.

And sewed the top and sides.

To place the handles, I folded the bag to find the center and pin 4 sides...

...for the handles to be placed equally distanced onto the bag.

The handles are sewn firmly at each side.

And the bag is ready...

Placing the vase into the bag...

It works alright :)

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Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead and
Happy #NeedleWorkMonday! Take care!

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Cute! I like it.

It's a lovely bag :D You make it look so easy, but I'm sure it's not xD

Whew! I love that! 😍 Great to give a gift that way. Can I also have those my friend? Hehehe! 😛

I love the colors.. It is a good idea and a lovely gift...

The gingham cloth you used is beautiful, I love the color, simply practical.

This is a lovely and sustainable idea to not only gift the flower but also a reusable bag as a wrapping. I love to wrap presenters, but I do not want to cause more waste, so I mostly use newspaper which I fold a bit more elaborate. But your idea to sew a bag is much nicer. How long do you need for such a project? (I see myself working for hous with woven fabric...😱)