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Hello friends its my first time engaging in this community, but I have been following up with happenings around and now I am fully a member of this community hope I am welcomed here? I will love to share with you guys my ever first experience on how to sew a shoe.




I would not have learnt it though, but because while I was at work that was when the shoe decided to go bad, I had to look for a shoe mender around but I couldn't find any, little did I know that a big boss of mine is good at that. so I gave the shoe to him but he refused and asked me to do it on my own, he only showed me how to do it and I did it on my own.



I enjoyed doing it, it was not as hard as I think it would. but anyways I am glad at least I learnt how to sew shoe, from now henceforth no more paying shoe mender to it for me, am going to get the materials used in sewing and keep at home in case of emergencies.



Simple tools needed to sew your shoes are tread, shoe needle, cutter, these are the tools needed once you are with them then your sewing is good to go.



After you must have finished sewing you have to burn the rough edge after tighten it, so your work will look neat. and that was how it all went now am a professional when it comes to sewing of shoes, am glad I did learn that at least it could save me some money.

Wishing you all a happy Halloween, and please do stay safe!

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Welcome to the NeedleWorkMonday Community @obrisgold1! We look forward to seeing more of your learning how to sew ventures.

@eldecor shared with us that he was mending a shoe for a colleague so it must be you! Also as @lauramica stated we recognized those shoes. That was smart of him to have you help with the work so you can learn it for yourself :)

Thanks for sharing this week.

Exactly! I generally see all the posts in this community and I couldn't forget those fixed shoes 😂

yes you are absolutely correct, you will surely see more from me. i really appreciate

hahaha funny though, yes

Nice job! It's always good to learn a new skill. I guess @eldecor has helped you in this work, right? 🙂

You're such a smart person I really like your thought power.

But how did you know that I know @obrisgold1?

Thanks for reading through his blog.

yeah you are quite correct, i learnt how to sew from him, thanks for engaging

It seemed to me that I had seen those slippers somewhere else 😅.