⭐Special edition podcast ft. Bancor and EOS Nation.🔝 Submit your questions here for token rewards!🙌🎁 (10k ATMOS + 100k BOID)

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Hey everyone, we have a very special podcast🎙 coming this week on Discussions.app with two notable guests: EOS Nation, and Bancor. Joining Jacques Whales @bluabaleno to co-host this very special podcast will be Boid founder, John Heeter and frequent Discussions contributor, Jimmy.🎙

🌟We would like to take this opportunity to involve you, our listeners, to send in any questions you might have regarding either xNation, a joint liquidity pool venture of EOS Nation and Bancor, or the recently implemented Worker Proposal System (WPS) crafted by EOS Nation and AtticLabs.

We’re open to taking on other questions as well though those two topics will be the main focus of the podcast.

Keep in mind we may not have time to air all the questions, but for those that have submitted great questions we will be giving out token rewards.

Here are some resources and articles you might want to catch up on:

Bancor xNation Liquidity Pools - xNation.io Offers Self-Service Liquidity Pool Creation for any EOS Token. https://blog.bancor.network/xnation-io-lets-you-launch-liquidity-pools-in-a-couple-clicks-3d354ed55b89

Guide: How to create and Fund EOS Liquidity Pools on xNation.

EOS WPS User Guide.

And be sure to also check out #eosnation and #bancor for all the updates we’ve been posting on Discussions! 🚀🚀🚀

🌟Looking forward to your questions! Leave your questions on this link😉👇🎤https://discussions.app/tag/eos/3vnfksm7rhook/special_edition_podcast_ft_bancor_and_eos_nation_submit_your_questions_for_token_rewards

And remember that you NO longer need an EOS account to get your tokens on Discussions.app, sign up now! 🙌

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