I reached Diamond -I league in this season!

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Greetings friends!


Being a great fan of splinterlands, I am trying hard to excel in this game. The current season has been good so far for me. During this season I increased the level of the summoners of every primal force universe. Now, I have summoners of level 5 in every group and also have cards worth compatible with those summoners. I played daily and completed daily quests everyday.

This has been my achievement so far in Splinterlands.

I participated in every season since I started play games. This season I reached Diamond-I league. This happened for the first time. In the last two seasons I secured Dimond-II and before that Diamoned-III. So, I progressed in every season.

I am hoping to do lot better in the next season.

Thank you for stopping by!

Yours @akdx

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