Splinterlands - Weekly SHARE YOUR BATTLE Challenge - Theme: Tortisian Fighter

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Hello Friends,



Well, this is one of the weakest guys to be involved in a battle. It's none other than the monster featured in this week's challenge, yes, it's Tortisian Fighter.

I fought almost 20 battles to get a win using this monster because it's a monster to be used at the front position since it's a melee monster without reach or sneak ability.


Tortisian Fighter is a Water Splinter Common monster of Untamed version and it's a melee attack monster.

Stats of Tortisian Fighter:


As we see above, it's a monster with lower melee attack with a maximum of 3 in Tenth level and remains for 2 in all remaining 9 levels.

It's speed is also on lower side with 2 being the max.

When it comes to armors, it starts with a single armor in level 1, increases to 2 in level 2 and increases to 3 at level 5 and subsequently becomes 4 from level 6 onwards.

It has moderate health starting with 3 and can be a maximum of 4.

When it comes to abilities, yes, this monsters scores in that category with Shield and Repair

Shield is more advantageous against melee attack for it's protects the health of the monster. This ability is available from level 4 onwards.

Repair as we know, restores some the armors of the monster which has taken most damage.




Frankly speaking, I never used this monster prior to this challenge and reason for that, you all know, Water is known for it's magic monsters and a 3 health monster with 2 attack is less expected to be used when we have guys like Spineback Turtle, Wave Runner and all.

For this 21 MANA battle with Reverse Speed and Heavy Hitters battle, I wanted to use Lord of Darkness at the front, but since this challenge involves Water splinter monster, had to settle with the same.

My Lineup was as below:

1. Tortisian Fighter:


The theme monster for this week's challenge, is not much in terms of attack or health, but it's shield ability makes it bit more usable.

2. Wave Runner:


Although it's on higher side of speed, it's melee attack of 2 among the reach monsters prompted me to use this in second position.

3. Medusa:


This being a battle with Heavy Hitters, I made use of this monster for it's stun ability to allow other monsters to hit with double attack when the monster is stunned.

4. Crustacean King:


Used this for healing ability besides it's 1 ranged attack and also for the armors it provides to all monsters with protect ability.

5. Halfling Alchemist:


Reverse Speed battle type involved in this battle prompted me to use this monster since it can be among the first few attack and halve the attack from the monster it attacks.

6. Furious Chicken:


Since no more MANA was left to cover, but there was a vacant slot to fill, hence, used this monster.

Now, I wanna introduce you to opponent's lineup:

Lord of Darkness, Corrupted Pegasus, Skeleton Assassin, Furious Chicken and Cocatrice were in the opponent's lineup.

The moment I saw Lord of Darkness, Corrupted Pegasus and Skeleton Assassin among opponent's lineup, I thought it's gone case for me.

But, the low MANA monsters I used and stun ability of Medusa were able to defeat the mighty Lord of Darkness and others which I will be taking you thru below in Battle section.



Round 1:

When you see the monsters from the lineup, Lord of Darkness and Corrupted Pegasus have each 4 melee attack and the monsters I used were having 5 melee and 3 magic attack.

But, usage of Halfling Alchemist helped to reduce the melee attack of Lord of Darkness to 2 (eventually to 1 against shield ability of Tortisian Fighter) and was good enough to rescue Tortisian Fighter from getting removed.

Round 1 didn't see any monster getting removed.


Round 2:

Only monster which got removed in this round is Furious Chicken thanks to the sneak attack of Skeleton Assassin.

Lord of Darkness was stunned by medusa and Corrupted Pegasus was able to removed the armor of Tortisian Fighter but still a long way to go to defeat it.


Round 3:

No further casualties in this round, but Lord of Darkness health was reduced to just 2 but Tortisian Fighter was still standing strong with health of 3.


Round 4:

As expected, Medusa ensured that Lord of Darkness wouldn't get any further healing and Skeleton Assassin kept attacking the back end monsters and removed the Halfling Alchemist.


Round 5:

Round 5 was once again calm as no monster removed in this round.


Round 6

Corrupted Pegasus couldn't self heal much as it got removed by Medusa and co bringing Skeleton Assassin to the front.


Round 7:

Skeleton Assassin and Furious Chicken from opponent's line up couldn't survive the attack of Medusa, Wave Runner and Tortisian Fighter and got removed bringing the Cocatrice to the front as last weapon for opponent.


Round 8:

Cocatrice was removed with 3 iterations in this round before it could attack and that was an easy win for me which I was thinking impossible when I first saw the lineup.



Did my strategy work? What will I try differently next time?

Well, when I saw opponent's lineup, I was thinking, I will not be on winning side. But, this low profile lineup was good against the high profile monsters of Lord of Darkness and Corrupted Pegasus. So, YES, it was a good strategy, especially usage of Medusa for it's stun ability.

If I have to try something differently, then it could have been Lord A instead of Tortisian Fighter, but this guy was awesome in taking all the shots aimed at him and protecting himself and his secondary monsters.

Do I use the TORTISIAN FIGHTER often? Why or why not?

I NEVER used this monster prior to this challenge as I am happy to use either Spineback Turtle or Serpent of Eld at the front for low MANA battles. But believe me, Tortisian Fighter gave me another option for a front monster and it's shield is good enough to taken on some big monsters when used with a healer.


That's all guys, this low MANA battle was highly interesting with little guys teaching some lesson to big guys in Lord of Darkness and co.

See you later :)


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That was a super impressive win against a much higher powered opponent, great job!

@tipu curate

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Thank you!!

Yeah, I myself wasn't sure of a win initially, but the Heavy Hitters battle with Medusa and the shielded Tortisian Fighter made it.

You are a regular on my Splinterlands blogs these days, thanks for those valuable comments and ofcourse tipu curation as well :)

Nice, I really like the medusa on my alt too. She has definitely saved me a few times with that stun, stopping the opponents tank JUST before it killed my last melee card!


Medusa is always good whenever Stun is required and when low MANA battles are there, I always use Medusa.

Thank you for the curation, new team of curation is nice with some of the new guys doing very good and also providing valuable comments.

Glad you're liking the curation!