My Last Season's performance on Splinterlands

I had another great season last season on Splinterlands as I improved on my performance from previous seasons.

For like 4 previous seasons, I finished in the Bronze II league which is a bit annoying. I was so glad to advanced to a higher league which is the Bronze I league.


This is a great achievement and for this, I was able to get 9 loot chests as reward.


The loot chests include legendary portion charges, Dark Energy Crystals and two cards.

I hope to improve on this success and get to a higher league at the end of this new season.

Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards

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Thanks for posting this. I did a recap post as well (and just bothered reposting it to the Splinterlands community). I'm always happy to see more recap posts from people sharing their experience each season.


Your post has been boosted with Ecency Points. Keep up the good work!
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