Anecdotes of a Splinterlands Player: It happens to me, it happens to you, it happens to all of us 😆 or almost..

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That good! we already fulfill the daily mission. 😌


😮 But wait a moment??

I'm close to passing league.




🤔 Mmmm it would be more reward chests!


Yes great, let's do it 😃, although my capture rate is very low ... ahhh but it's only like about 4 games, great let's give it.




I have 2 losses but hit it,
we're still close ...




What happens??? Now I'm lower than when I started...


😠 What a rage 😡 I better leave that like that, they already dropped my league, things turned out the other way around, now I will have fewer reward chests!


LOL! I believe that many have happened to us, and it may be that emotions betray us at the moment of strategy, since we think more about the prize to receive than the game strategy that we must implement, we are blinded by greed, betrayed by the I want a juicier prize and we stop thinking clearly.

I have had very good streaks and also bad ones, but generally the bad ones do not come only when I face powerful enemies, since I have won battles with monsters of level 1 against those of my rivals of higher levels as I show in my post: The survival of the strongest? I do not think so. - Sometimes it is a matter of Strategy ahy you can see that sometimes the strategy will win you. The bad streaks often come with the desire to obtain a higher prize which causes patience to be cast aside and anxiety to take its place.

We must take a few minutes and think clearly before thinking with emotions, because splinterlands is a strategy game, where the choice of cards and the position of each one can allow you to have a good victory.

However sometimes after a bad streak we suddenly run with the good luck that something good comes out. hehehe.



And if so, that's a relief after a few defeats 😆 🤣


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Until a Next Post...C0F.gif


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LOL! It's true. I think it happens to everyone.

Especially at the end of the season. 🤣 @carrieallen

@carrieallen Yes hahaha, but you have to stay calm 😄

Congratulations for the GF card and for Minnow status..

Thank you 😁

Congratulations @sampraise!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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