2020 Somalia Silver Elephant Coin

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Hello STEEMIT and stackers !!! Thank you for letting me share my love of stacking silver coins.

Every year, I acquire the current year release of bullion silver coins from the different World Mints as they are released. It is one fun way to keep stacking boredom at bay.

These are the 2020 World Mint coins that I have shown on my blog so far:

  • 2020 Royal Australian Mint Year of the Rat
  • 2020 Australian Silver Swan
  • 2020 South African Silver Krugerrand
  • 2020 Silver Phoenix of South Korea
  • 2020 Rwanda MayFlower Nautical Ounce
  • 2020 China Silver Panda
  • 2020 Australian Silver Dragon
  • 2020 Great Britain Silver Britannia
  • 2020 Silver Kookaburra, 30th Anniversary Coin

  • This next World Mint coin featured in this article is by the Bavarian State Mint which produces the Somalia Silver Elephant Series on behalf of Somalia.

    The coins are produced by the German mint each year and that extends back to the 1999-2003 release of the coins on behalf of Zambia.

    The African elephant is the largest terrestrial land mammal in the world today. The bush elephant species is depicted in the designs of the Somalia Silver Elephant Series, which is the largest land mammal in the world and larger than its cousin the forest elephant. The animals grow to impressive sizes given the fact that elephants subsist on a diet of greens as herbivores.

    2020 1 oz Somalia Silver Elephant Coin (BU)

    17th release of the Somalia Silver Elephant coins, contains 1 Troy oz of .9999 pure silver, a face value of 100 Shillings (Somali).


    On the reverse of the 2020 1 oz Somalia Silver Elephant Coin is a new design for the 2020 coins in the collection. This side includes two large adult elephants squaring off face to face with one another. Each of these bush elephants has large tusks with the trunk of one lifted slightly in the air. Behind them, Africas tallest peak at Mount Kilimanjaro is depicted rising toward the sky.

    😍 #ilikeitalot!😍


    The obverse of all 2020 Somalia Silver Elephant Coins includes the design of the coat of arms for Somalia. This crest includes a single star on a shield with horizontal lines and a crown at the top of the shield. The crest is supported on each side by leopards with two spears and fern leaves crossed below the design.


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    Stay tuned for the next year 2020 Silver Coin that will be shown on World Coin Wednesday!
    All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6 unless specified otherwise.

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It's amazing that for their size, all elephants eat is foliage! Just think how much that is!

It is indeed, a beautiful coin with the elephants trunk to trunk and Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. And, of course, I really like the coat of arms. Thanks for sharing sweet sis and have a lovely day!🤗💕😘🌸

Yes, the Somalia Silver African Wildlife Elephant Coin is one of my favorites too. Who would have guessed that Somalia commissioned the Bavarian Mint (Germany) to produce this coin? But, I don't like how someone is keeping the final mintage numbers a secret, since around 2015. Thanks for sharing this beauty Silversaver888.


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I love the Obverse of this Somalia Elephant Coin @silversaver888😀 The coat of arms for Somalia with the side by side leopards with two spears is very striking!
Have a wonderful night my friend!😍😍😀

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