My 1888 Coins, Part 4: SEATED LIBERTY DIME

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1888 year dated coins are of special interest to me because it bears my favorite and lucky triple 8 number. In the Article Series "My 1888 Coins", I will be featuring the 1888 year dated coins that I have collected to date.

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    1888 was a time when small change represented considerable purchasing power: Americans averaged a ten-hour working day, and the expression "a dollar a day" was quite apropos. In New York City, for instance, a salesman just starting out could expect to make about ten cents an hour. That dime might buy a ladies Shetland wool corset, a child's ticket to see General Tom Thumb on Broadway or maybe a half-dozen good cigars. Information Source

    1888 Seated Liberty Dime

    Legend Obverse dimes from the later years1882 through 1891are more available than other Seated Liberty coins of this era. As representatives of the design type in general, they span a period of American history that begins prior to the beginning of the Civil War and ends one year after the Western frontier officially closed. By the end of the 1880s, most people had known no other coins except the Seated Liberty issues. Many called for a new design. In 1892, the long-lasting Seated Liberty motif was finally replaced with the new portrait of Liberty by Mint Chief Engraver Charles Barber.

    OBVERSE: Liberty is seated on a rock facing left while her right hand rests firmly above the shield of the United States. In her left hand is a pole with a Phrygian cap resting atop the pole. She is surrounded by thirteen stars.

    Legend Obverse dimes are one of the most popular 19th century U.S. coins. Legend Obverse Seated Liberty dimes were produced from 1860 through 1891 at four mints: Philadelphia (no mintmark), New Orleans (O), Carson City (CC) and San Francisco (S).

    The series is punctuated by the With Arrows issues of 1873-74, a two year design change that used arrows on either side of the date to indicate a slight increase in weight.

    REVERSE: Features a wreath surrounding the denomination.

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    And this is how the almost uncirculated 1888 Seated Liberty Dime looks like.

    Source of Photo: USA Coin Book


    All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6 unless specified otherwise.

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Just think Someone was carrying dimes just like this one in there pocket 132 years ago!😀
So nice my friend, have a nice night!!😍😍😀

Hey sis! There is just something about old stuff in general, but where coins are concerned, they seem more stately than today's version. Maybe it's because back then, times were simpler and things stood for something. I like your seated Liberty Dime. Even though it's condition isn't perfect, that just adds character to it. Thanks for sharing sis, and have a lovely day!🤗🤗😘💕🌸

Hey lovely lady 💐💖🥰😘💖 hope you are well and staying safe 🙏 sending you lots of love and hugs 😘🤗