20 Years of Ugochill Music Part 9 (2020 and Beyond)

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Continuing from.. 20 Years of Ugochill Music Part 8 (2019)

Well here we are, part 9 and closing of this blog in honour of 20 years of Ugochill Music.


What to say? I will not spend much time writing about hot topics of this year. Let's say I'm too old for that and too many people are all into it already, but also I'm too young to give up on my plans and dreams.Sure just like most of you I wish 2019 lasted for an very long time, and for this year I wish to pass as quickly as possible. :) Altho I changed some of the plans biggest one being postponing album release, I also remained productive and focused on music. Year began with release of the new single titled Blue. After many instrumentals this is first song I have recorded and sang after long time.Song inspired with Chinese fairy tale called The Blue Rose and with late David Bowie. https://healingstory.org/the-blue-rose/

Ugochill - Blue



Blue (lyrics by Alex Rado)

They say this world is like fairy tale girl
One in million kind of place, very rare not easy to find
Once we observe, this beautiful girl
Story comes in different style, all that glory seems to be lies

From this moment take no more
From this moment say no more
From this moment bare no more disgrace.

They say our lives are like fairy tale skies
One in million kind of sight, very rare not easy to find
Once we observe these beautiful skies
Story comes in different style, all that glory seems to be lies

From this moment take no more
From this moment say no more
From this moment bare no more disgrace.

Oh is it wonder, that we are under?
Why we are under this spell that brakes our dreams
Oh can you help me
We gotta find
We gotta search for fields of roses, colour of blue


It was not the best timing to release new song right when world got in to the lockdown mode, and it just did not feel right to push promotion to the maximum, yet song was well received.Even today, half year later it is still on Top 10 of some Indie Music Radio charts.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 16.37.48.png

Bit after release I also noticed reaching cool Spotify milestone, over 100k streams.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 22.51.12.png

Ugochill on Spotify.!!


I have postponed album release (working title, Chill em All) for the next year.This year in few months I will be releasing new single which will again be guitar instrumental track.More info about that in the future.

Yes,I'm also pressed with many issues just like you dear friends.Worried about our and our kids present and future.
Too many bad vibes, bad news, bad intents and interests and divides confronting people worldwide.Still old enough to know these times and most of issues shall pass, while music or art we make will remain.

I wish to thank for all the love and support I'm receiving.Looking forward making lots of music.On my own and collaborating.
Altho world has gone into semi lockdown mode, ironically for me music lockdown has been long time ago over :)
I can fully and freely focus on making music and networking.And that is exactly what I'm going to do.
Thank You again.It is very much appreciated.
Wishing you all and only the best.



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Awesome post and music!!!

Thank You so much.! :)

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