My 10 More Music Selections for Tunes on Tuesday

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The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

Dr Swagger and the Dairy of a Coconut by Mysterioso

Hollowed Echoly by John Rudzinski

Instrumental, ambient but finishes raw



Orbit by @virtualex-steem/

Just a track I did when playing around with a new synth (Avenger). I am not really satisfied with this one and I will likely rework it.

I felt like I can "release it" to get some feedback.

Some Kinda Thing by Dislocated Flowers

Lonely little potato by Joé Johnston

AoSW - Cockroach by Swivelable

We can't clean up this mess on our own


Was rudely awakened by a cockroach at 3 am
Chewing on the map over my head
Maybe he wanted to check out the Russian scene
Now he lies dead under my bed

I wonder how he’ll stay there
I wonder how long he’ll stay
I wonder how long till you come back here

It must have been a good good day
Or maybe I was feeling extra mean
Stomped and swatted 3 or 4 more
Plump juicy turned to squashed and lean

I wonder how they’ll stay there
I wonder how long they’ll stay
I wonder how long till you come back here

Ugochill - Beloved by @ugochill/

Ugochill - Beloved, is is featured on the album Home (10 Years) digitally available worldwide.

Music written, performed and edited by Alex Rado, except Bass Guitar, played by Alen Sveto

Produced by Ugochill © 2017

Fragments 4. by QT

Holy Mother by Gerontius

Cold Blood and Whiskey by Gerontius

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Eclectic selection!

Thank you, I thought so too :)