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The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

Fall by Biting Point

An instrumental built around a pulsing bass.

Old New Roads by QT

CyTreXX (Feat. Nadeem) Good Life by CyTreXX

"With a crossover pop/house sound, “Good Life” is driven by some simple, yet effective pluck chord progressions, a grooving bassline, glistening top line melodies, and shuffling percussion tracks that all unite to provide a fresh house sound and platform for Nadeem’s radio-ready vocals". (TFD Blog)

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Oily Road Hideaway by Flicker

Oily Road Hideaway by Flicker.
Album: At Least 1000 Words (2002).

Music by G. Davies/D. Danielli.

Copyright © 2002 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 2002 Explicit Music.

George: guitars, Plank, string fish, synths
Dave: bass, percussion, keys, programming

Fun Facts:
Oily Road Hideaway was written after being stuck near Stonehenge on the A303 for several hours while a breakdown recovery service tried not too hard and with little joy to come to the rescue.
One would have thought there were not too many roads called the A303 in that area.
Nevertheless it took about 10 hours to get back home.
As a consequence of the breakdown Floyd’s wedding was missed by several,
This tune was the first thing George played when he arrived back home, having had no sleep at all the night before.
It was rather unglorious.
The Hideaway was also the name of the club where the Live Stage used to put on bands in Torquay.
The stranded people in the car were all the Live Stage posse.
This is the only remaining tune with a drum machine program on the album after It Starts Right Here was dropped.
It also has a two-string lead guitar part, so if ever you’re at a party and find a broken guitar, you can play… this!
Martyn from Pyg built the string fish himself and kindly loaned it for this recording.
Oily Road Hideaway contains twin bass guitars which are panned apart from each other in the stereo spectrum.
Dave plays his Fender and George plays The Plank.

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When I Was A Child by @lastravage

© Music & Lyrics By Last "Ravage" Opinion

© Image: "Coniferous Vine" Courtesy of Alenia

When I was a child I was looking forward for becoming an adult.
Now, as the years go by, I look back and see that problem-free,
almost remote past, as the best time of my life.

The spacey beginning has been obtained with slide and harmonics on guitars and an electronic keyboard.
Then a melodic part led by the bass, I tell a little story and then....
you need to listen to the song to know what happens next.


When I was a child, happily playing,
kicking a ball around, suspended in the air,
I thought I could fly.

Then along the years I've lost my wings.
I'm finding hard to find another way of flying
but I am still trying.

Oh, oh, no.
That time has gone and forever.

Opportunities by Gerontius

See-Saw by @unitedduality/

My collaboration song with Elizabeth Everts.


Freeze coming on tonight
She's here to say
Tracing leaves dreams

To find your way to this

Until the dusk came on

Ceased to be wrong or right
I'm here to play
Lacing weaves gleams

In flight
Did you find your way to this

Until the dusk came on

Weary Heart - Instrumental by ENILSounds

Phoenix in the Bin by Flicker

Phoenix in the Bin by Flicker.
Album: At Least 1000 Words (2002).

Music by G. Davies/D. Danielli/L. Welsman.

Copyright © 2002 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 2002 Explicit Music.

George: guitars, samples
Dave: Plank, drums
Lucy: cello


Fun Facts:
Phoenix In The Bin is a situation that will change.
How on earth do you fit a phoenix into a bin?
Do you suppose it will stay there long?
What will happen when it escapes?
This piece tries to examine these issues.
Originally this tune was just a groove with a working title of In the Bin.
Somehow the image of the phoenix seemed an appropriate addition.
The section with the heavy cellos was the result of a splendid jam between Dave and George which was never again properly recaptured, however hard they tried.

See also:

Just a Kiss Away by ENILSounds

Christmas lovesong

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