Atom Collector Records Monday Selection

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The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

Clouds on the Road by @skeeboo

A minimalist track for piano and strings in dorian mode

Our Ray of Golden Sunshine by Gerontius

Points Of Contact, Pt. 7 by @thresholdoffaith

Speaking in Tongues by Dislocated Flowers

Exhaust The Culture by @havok777

Somewhere In The Middle by @ivanc

Like a stick in a river.


The river flows
Around its foes
It does not know where it is going
Or where it's been
Its always somewhere in the middle

The moon is ridin high
Up in the sky
It will not die til mornin
She's nestled in the trees
She's lookin dow, at you and I

Around the bend
You'll find a Friend
You'll find a Friend that you can count on
The sun will shine
Upon the wine, until the wine is gone

And then the breeze
Will bend the trees
And the surrounding vegetation
The water flows again
Around its foes again, back to the river

The river flows again
Around its foes again
It does not know where it is going
Or where its's been
It's always somewhere in the middle

Crimes Along the Way by Davy Vance

Thanks again to the ever helpful and talented Amanda for gracing this track with her vocals. Find Amanda's work here.


I thought I'd do it differently
I know it sounds lame
I thought I'd have the time to change
But it all turned out the same

The colour fades from gold to grey
Gets colder every day
We cannot change the things we said
Or the crimes along the way

The guard is down and the mouth runs free
Oh,the things we say
Would we had the eyes to see
When bad things come to play

Oh,I tried to change
But it all turned out the same

Bane Of Idle Non-Sane by @havok777

Ambulance of Love by Gerontius

Breathe the Air by ENILSounds

Ambient for Relaxation

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