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The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

Notturno n.2 "Punta Sardegna" by @maurofiligheddu

My second nocturne for piano, dedicated to a lovely place in Italy

The Moonlight (Stina with Lukowig) by Lukowig

Here is a collaboration with Stina @user-599928229 a great artist whose songs I really appreciate!
Thank you so much Stina for inviting me to sing with you! It was an honor and a pleasure for me!
Please visit Stina's SC page:

Instrumental/mix /vocal/lyrics: Stina
Vocal/backing/lyrics: Lukowig


The Moonlight

När vinden sakt flyger hör du ett ljud från skogen
När vi kommer nära så vill du inte höra

Vi är tillsammans..Nu
åh vi...

Quand la lumière lunaire
vacille et sombre dans l'effroi
Sens-tu l'imperceptible que tu refuses de voir ?
Nous, unis par l'esprit, nous sommes

När jag tittar tillbaks kommer jag inte se
Vi försvann i skenet nu
När vinden ler

Vi vi är tillsammans nu
åh vi...
vi vi är tillsammans nu
aahh vi

Quand mon regard repose
au-delà de l'horizon létal
s'embrase notre indéfectible amour sous la lune pâle...
Nous, unis pour la vie, nous sommes

D Traction 3. by QT

Now or Never by Dark Company

*** Work In Progress / Demo ***

Now or Never by Dark Company
Album: Noir

Lyrics: P. Greatorex
Music: G. Davies/P. Greatorex
Recorded, engineered and mixed at Wud Records Studio One, Exeter.

Copyright © 2015 Wud Records.
Copyright ℗ 2009 The Dark Brothers / Explicit Music.

PJ Speed - vocals
Zak Black - guitars
Maxx Damage - bass
Sven Stiglund - drums

Fun Facts:
This is a song in the key of E minor.
In this version there are four vocal measures to start, but that will be reduced to three when we work on this song.
The rhythm guitars tell a wonderful tale.
Zak plays Nicodemus for all the guitar parts.
One cannot help but think of some of the wonderful early Blue Oyster Cult songs when hearing this.

See also:



Empires of glass
Skies of the fallen
The sons of derision
Come for you calling
What will you give me
What will you say
How will you tell me
It’s the end of the day

Pretty emotions
Child of the times
Who do you drift with
With what do you rhyme
What will you give me
What will you say
How will you tell me
It’s the end of the day

Chattering pavements
Rain on the tiles
In the shop windows
You look like a child
How will you thank me
How will you call
Is it for ever
Or never at all

Carpeted classrooms
Money chalked signs
Grafitti beckons
And whispers the time
How will you thank me
How will you call
Is it for ever
Or never at all

Is it for ever
Or never at all
Is it for ever
Or never at all
Is it for ever
Is it for ever
Is it for ever
Or never at all

PSA#6: Space by Double Eagle

Nyertun - Mindconnection - 04 - Happy Day by @beats4change

♫ Music is the weapon for the givers of life ♫
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Visit here to support

Just be in the flow and feel a happy day

Nyertun - Mindconnection: Tunes from 2005-2007 Made with Reason

Fall by Biting Point

An instrumental built around a pulsing bass.

Fragments 4. by QT

A Story of Glory by @maurofiligheddu

A simple love story

Funktacular by @tlundy47

This song is gritty, greasy, and fantabulous. An original instrumental song written, recorded, composed, arranged, edited, produced, mixed, mastered and performed by Trenton Lundy.
Jordon Foust-Lead Guitar



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