How Do You Measure Up?: Prompt a Day - 1/14

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Prompt: What is one kitchen utensil you can not cook without?

This is a beautiful kitchen. One that I would love to spend time in cooking my favorite dishes. It would make my life complete as far as space to cook in. Alas, I can only dream about having such a kitchen.

Image by Randy Fath on Unsplash

So I just settled for having lots of utensils in my current smaller kitchen that makes my life a bit more easier when I'm there cooking.

And my favorite utensil that I can't cook without is my measuring equipment.

It's incredible the value I place upon my measuring cups and spoons. For without them, I'd be lost in controlling my accuracy. Also, I can't measure distance or space accurately. So I have to depend upon any and all measuring tools available.

Thankfully, measuring cups, spoons, and other measuring equipment are items you can find everywhere with ease. How much you want to spend on them is another matter. They are only used to measure ingredients or cooking temperatures, so I wouldn't spend tons of money for them. It's just not neccesary in my opinion.

Here is a picture of my measuring equipment. Apologies for the reflections. I have a shiny countertop, and I should have placed a mat underneath the items.

I was once invited to a Pampered Chef party. The hostess talked me into purchasing several baking item. I ended up purchasing several baking items, but the two I bought that I use frequently are the (i) tall white measuring cup on the left-hand side of the picture with the varying marks for numerous quantifies I use daily; and (ii) injector with the green handles that I use frequently for my meat bastings.

I like seasoning meat from the inside because the flavor is distributed throughout the entire body of the meat.

Also, I can't measure in millimeters and the other measuring units. That's another reason I depend upon the measuring equipment so heavily that include those conversions for me.

What about you? What's your most valuable kitchen utensil?



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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Nice collection for your baking needs.

I have a few pampered chefs tools I use, mainly a spatula that is indestructible. 😂

Hi @redheadpei. I saw the spatulas, but opted for the measuring cup. I dropped my cup one time, and it bounced around. Didn't break. I love all the items I purchased at the party. And because I purchased a certain amount, I received a free item.

The hostess tried to get me to host the next party, but I'm not a seller. My strong suit is buying, lol.

Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the support. Have a great rest of your Sunday.

Thanks @justclickindiva. I’m the same way- not a seller but a buyer. 😂
Have a great week ahead.

Apologies for the reflections. I have a shiny countertop, and I should have placed a mat underneath the items.

The photo is fine...reflections and all. It adds to the mood and character of the shot :>)

Thanks so much for stopping by. Appreciate your kind words. I'm always checking myself after I finish something because I catch details I didn't see before.

Have a great rest of your weekend, and take care.

Hi @justclickindiva, I chose you and your post as one of my choices for @zord189's PowerHouseCreatives contest this week. We are to notify the persons we choose and notify them.

@zord189 also wants us to get a photo from the posts we curate, and I'm going to use your photo of your measuring devices, if that's okay. I will fully attribute the photo to you of course.

This comment to you is also a requirement for the contest.

Wow, thanks so much @free-reign. Appreciate your support of my writing. Use whatever you want from my post. It's just a pic of my measuring spoons. Happy to help anytime.

Free free to use any of my pics in the future for your writing.

I also read where helpie was closing its witness. So sad to hear. I have been the recipient of their generosity. I was just going now to join the discord server and see how I can become part of this great initiative (in training of course).

Have a great Sunday.

I didn't know that about helpie... I need to read and get caught up on what's going on there! Thanks for your permission! :)

just read it this morning. hope I got my details correct.


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Hi Helpie Team. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some great treats. Chocolate is my nemisis, but I can't help it. Appreciate the spotlight on my post.

I have a few witness votes left, so will go see if I can find you.

I like my mesuring equipment as well but I also use my wooden spoons a lot as well.

Hi @wanderingmoon. I'd go "stir" crazy if someone took away my measuring cups and spoons. But my favorite spoons are the slotted and unslotted ones. I don't use wooden spoons too often, even though I have some.

Removing my cups and spoons, I realized I was missing several of them. I called my granddaughter and discovered the items has relocated to her house. Don't know how they got there, though, according to her.

Thanks for your support, and have a great day.