Did A Pokemon Go Raid With People In Town Yesterday

in hive-140217 •  3 months ago 

I was travelling around yesterday, not much going on. When I came back a person I call The Pokemon Lady pulled up beside me when I got home. Asked if I wanted to go on a Pokemon Go raid. I said sure. I don't play the game all the time, once in a while I will. There were a few people there and a couple who battled remotely. Did 4 raids with them. I was glad, gave me something to do. This video is the only time I caught the Giratina so that's why I uploaded it.

The people in town do raids everyday 'cause they are off of work from Covid. I don't think I will play everyday, I may join them once in awhile tho. Gives me a chance to see some people, plus social distancing is easy in Pokemon Go, yet we can still get together somewhat.

I also make music



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