Got My Brother Addicted To Sonic Blue Spheres Game

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After re-visiting Sonic Blue Spheres in Sonic Mania and showing there are pretty much unlimited levels in original Sonic Blue Sphere game by Bro got into it. He is trying to find the higher skilled stages. He played a few of them and did good! He wants to post some vids of him playing. Will share that when he has it up. I may do the same for fun too!

Here are a few more clips of our Sonic Blue Sphere moments amongst the sea of millions of levels.

I was kinda moody today yet still managed to play guitar and help myself feel better somewhat. I've begun distributing my music again to many stores. Haven't done that for a few years, so feeling excited about that. Will give me more to share. Motivating me. This isolation from the lockdown is reminding me how isolated I already feel...don't want to keep the same habits or do the same things to try to cope. I still have the urge to feel fully as well as connect. I feel I will do well! It's just going through the pain of it, which I already felt anyway, a good reminder.

Yea that's good I paused, thought for a moment. I have some people around, haven't been able to see anyone, motivates me that when I do break out I want to have real fun. Been fun playing some of these Sonic games, getting back to childhood a bit, relaxing more. Next few days will be more family stuff too. I'm coming down enough to get through and have the fun.

You can find my music

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I remember playing this game a great deal of years ago... wow, it seems so far away.

Sonic 3 was just coming out in my late Elementary School years