Had Some Game Times With My Bro Since He Came Down

in hive-140217 •  3 months ago 

He brought his gaming systems down. I have some older ones. It was fun to play some games with him. Took a few videos of what we played so far and put the clips together in one short montage. I also glitched out the video a little bit! Yea it's been good to connect with my Brother. The isolation had me pretty strung out. Now getting back to myself a bit more. Kinda a nice day, went for a walk as well.

We played a few games so far - Fortnite, Sonic Mania, GTA SA and some Rocksmith. All the videos are of him playing. If we play some more maybe he can take some of me playing.

We may play some more games while he is down! If we do I will make another video! I like this time, could indulge a bit more. Hehe

I also make music!



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