Played Some Classic Sonic Blue Sphere With My Brother

in hive-140217 •  3 months ago 

We were playing Sonic Mania and have been going to all the blue sphere levels on that game and mostly losing LOL. It reminded me that there are over a hundred million blue sphere levels on classic Sonic and Knuckles if you attach the game to Sonic 2 and know the code for the level. I have Sonic Mega Collection for PS2 so I unlocked the Blue Sphere Game!!

There is a website that lists a few thousand of the levels and them some that are higher up that random players have discovered. I thought it would be cool to find more random levels people haven't played yet. It will take some great Sonic skill to find some exciting blue sphere stages.

I used a code for level 30058. Gotta beat it to see what's after that. Hehe. My brother had a go at it and lost! Will play this game and see how I will do! Will try to make some blue sphere posts once in awhile.

I also love to make music and will try to make and release some new stuff soon

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