Playing Through Part Of Angel Island Hard Boss Mode Glitch Land

in hive-140217 •  2 months ago 

I've been trying to hack the sonic 3 and knuckles rom and glitch it out some! I made it super hard there haha. I played through the custom crazy level before using debug, hyper sonic and game genie codes. Now I've tried to get through the stage as normal. I have tried many times yet have not quite beat it yet. It keeps glitching out! It may be the unbeatable level without codes. I made a few videos. This is the first one. End up getting stuck up in the air at the end.

I put a bunch of bosses in level so they follow you around no matter where you go. Some you can outrun for a time. They catch up with you at the midway boss and there is more than one!! I never saw anyone do this before so I am having super fun with it!! Can't wait to upload the next video, try a few more times then work on Hydrocity zone to see how much I can mess it up! Been messing with angel island a long time! Time to move on....for a time...

I also love to make music! You can check it out in a few places!!

Also on band camp and soundcloud

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