Randonautica First Gameplay In A Nearby Town

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I'm glad I found this game. I've been feeling cooped up and this game really helped me get out awhile! It gets you to go to weird seemingly random locations. I used it in a place I've been familiar with for a long time. The game still managed to show me some spots I never really payed attention to before. There are different modes and I am still trying to figure out what they are all about. All the same on the first try I did go on a little adventure!!

One part took me down a side road and wasn't able to get to the location. Still I saw the area it was kind of a crazy place haha! An interesting part is there was an animal aspect to the whole trip. Went out by the agriculture college to a 'void area' - a field behind a fence with a bunch of geese in it!! On the way by the horse stables I saw a fox in with the horses! On one of the side roads the game took me I found a bunch of younger deer lying and eating in a field! That was cool. Also saw a good sized rabbit right in town too!! I have had a thing with rabbits in the last few years or so. I think it brings me good luck when I see one and lets me know I'm heading in the right direction in life.

Here is the video of clips I took of some of these locations the game took me too! I posted it on tiktok so it has some of my music from on there and some text to describe what type/variety of location I am in.

Looking forward to trying this game in a few different places. We may be going to a bog forest tomorrow for our weekend adventure. I will make sure to document that and make a post about it later.

I would like to share some of my music links. Recently distributed a bunch of my experimental electro music!








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